Accounting and Finance

Last updated: november 21, 2019

Accounting and Finance

Budget management

Budget management plays a vital role in marking business success. Utilizing Odoo accounting budget management, one can efficiently track and monitor the financial status with its planned details. Odoo utilizes the general and analytic accounting in their budget management.

One need to configure three things to work with Odoo budget management

  • Budgetary Positions
  • Analytic Accounts
  • Budget

Budgetary positions are moreover a kind of mapping the general accounts with budgets. In order to create a budgetary position, one can go to

Accounting>Configuration>Accounting >Budgetary Position

Here, one can define accounts linked to the budget.

Click on Select.

Save the changes in order to confirm the Budgetary position of yours.

One can follow the very same steps for making revenue budgetary position. Only thing one need to remember is, in that case select the relevant income accounts.

Analytical Account

Odoo has to realize which expenses or costs are applicable to a predefined budget. To do so we have to link the invoices and costs to a defined analytical account. One can create the analytical account by entering the Accounting module and clicking

Accounting>Configurations> Analytic Accounting >Analytic Accounts.

Next step is setting budget.

To set budget targets, go to accounting app, select Accounting ->Management->Budgets and create a new Budget.

Upon Clickcing CREATE button, you can create new budget.


In the Budget line, the field Analytical account is set as not mandatory by Odoo. But for the proper working of Budget 'Analytic account' is mandatory. So, don't forget to put the Analytical account in the Budget lines.

You can create a new analytic account or select an existing analytical account from the budget lines. Later confirm the budget.



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