Customer Relationship Management

Last updated: october 24, 2019

Customer Relationship Management

Assign leads based on scoring rules

With Leads Scoring you can automatically rank your leads dependent on chose criteria's. For instance, you could score clients from your nation higher or the ones that visited explicit pages on your site. Simply saying you can gauge the score for an opportunity dependent on the client conduct on site.

Create scoring rules

You get a new tab in CRM app titled Leads Management, where the end user can manage the scoring rules.

For instance, you have a Canadian lead, you can modify it with different criteria to score your leads

Every hour every lead without a score will be automatically scanned and assigned their right score according to your scoring rules.

Assign leads

When the scores computed, leads can be doled out to explicit groups utilizing a similar area component. To do so go to CRM ? Leads Management ? Team Assignation and apply a particular domain on each team. This domain can incorporate scores.

Moving on, the end user can assign to a specific vendor within team even more refined domain.

To do so go to CRM ? Leads Management ? Leads Assignation.

Evaluate & use the unassigned leads

When your scoring standards are set up you will in all likelihood still have some unassigned leads. Some of them could in any case lead to a chance so it is valuable to accomplish something with them.

In your leads page you can put a channel to locate your unassigned leads.

Why not utilizing Email Marketing or Marketing Automation applications to send a mass email to them? You can likewise effectively find such unassigned leads from that point.



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