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By: Sanjith

ERP for Plastic Industry

Plastic is a very common word in our day to day life. Figuratively talking there won’t be any field in the world where plastic is not used. So the manufacturing of plastic become very important and an extensive field of business with vast opportunities and applications. Plastic is a form of material which can be converted to various other forms. So a single industry will be dealing with many products which are made from plastic, there are also cases of small-scale plastic industries which makes plastic granules and sell them to other manufacturers. Controlling an industry like the plastic industry via offline methods and human support will be the greatest blunder any organization can make. An effectively functioning ERP software is a must for plastic manufacturing industry to control all the activities perfectly without the space of any errors. In this blog, we will see about the various features offered by ERP software in the plastic manufacturing industry.

Features of ERP software in the plastic industry

Quality based production
The production in plastic manufacturing industry should be of high quality. Any defect occurring to the primary plastic form called granules will affect the entire production, quality of other materials made out of it. For ensuring the quality in production, ERP for plastic manufacturing can be enrolled. Plastics are basically made out of mineral oil, so while purchasing the mineral oil its quality shall be checked. For this, we can add the quality requirement standard of the oil using the ERP software for plastic industry. Through the ERP software we can thus ensure the quality of the primary material, also there are options in the ERP software for plastic manufacturing to trigger alerts at any time of production so that the workers will get intimidated when quality standards are getting deteriorated or the quality standards are been violated. There are many processes carried in plastic production like distillation, polymerization, polycondensation, dying, adding additives to the mortar and finally production of the polymer. The manual quality check is not possible and advisable in the case, as there involves a large number of production stages until the production of final granules. Here an ERP software for the plastic industry can bring in pertinent changes in quality check and production control.

Maintaining warehouse clean and clear
It’s very essential to sort out all kind of confusions in a warehouse as it directly proportionate to misleads and other errors in the warehouse activities. Any misleads in warehouse functioning creates great turbulence in the operations, ultimately resulting in huge economic, material and time loss. An ERP for the plastic industry thus helps in streamlining and maintaining the balance of warehouse operations.  ERP software for plastic manufacturing industry gets you with the right knowledge of resources. It gets you an insight into things which are purchased as raw materials and also the complete details about the finished goods. In short, an ERP for plastic industry assures the inventory is kept under control, balanced and resourceful. 

Secondly, in an industry like plastic manufacturing,  the works are carried out in several locations. The ERP software for plastic industry helps in the seamless management of multiple warehouses via its advanced features.  The ERP software is capable enough to control several locations in the inventory simultaneously. There is a special feature in the ERP software for the plastic industry called negative inventory. Through this ERP feature,  the inventory shall be always ready for production. With this feature in the ERP software, the production can be pre-planned even before the availability of raw materials. So the inventory is always kept intact with this feature in the ERP software for manufacturing.

Maintaining a clean warehouse is also important for the plastic manufacturing industry since the damaged materials shall never be mixed with the regular stock. The ERP software for plastic industry can be used in this case also. With the effective scrap management in the ERP software, the damaged materials during the production are moved to the scrap location of the ERP software for plastic manufacturing. From the ERP software we will thus have an idea about the scrapped products. These damaged products can be later moved physically to a waste storage location.

Business analysis and precise production
The ERP software for plastic industry can be used for analyzing the business also. For this, the business intelligence feature is made use of. By analyzing the production and work center performance,  a complete analysis of the business can be done. If there are any irregularities or lack of performance noted from that area, alternate methods can be used to rectify that using the ERP software. 

Production is an area where economic losses happen frequently. This will be because of the lack of planning in production or due to an imperfect plan. So to plan production perfectly,  the master production scheduler in the ERP software for plastic industry can be used. The production should be done always according to the market demand, this way the accurate level of production can be achieved through the ERP software. Also with this feature in the ERP software, the inventory will be intact. Thus with the ERP software for plastic manufacturing, we can make sure no economic loss happen along with the benefit of time-saving.

Complete tracking of products
Tracking is very important for any industry to have a complete view of what is happening inside the industry. In an industry like the plastic manufacturing industry where a lot of activities are to be carried out it is important to have the traceability feature. Odoo/Open ERP software for plastic manufacturing support the traceability feature. The ERP software gives all the necessary information regarding the reception of raw materials, their production, their shipping to customers, their internal transfers, etc.

Also, traceability allows to have knowledge about the product stocked in the warehouse, product moved out of the warehouse etc.

Satisfaction of the customers
The customer’s point of view about any business industry is very crucial. A satisfied customer is an asset to the industry whereas a dissatisfied one will be a threat or burden. So it is necessary to maintain a good connection with the customer. The ERP software for plastic manufacturing has got all the necessary features for good customer relationship management. With the aid of the ERP software we can deliver the products according to the priority of orders, we can deliver the product within the time interval proposed by the customer etc.

Also, there are provisions in the ERP software for giving loyalties to regular customers, satisfying them with discounts etc. Thus using the ERP software for plastic manufacturing strong customer relationship management is also possible.

Shipping the product along with invoicing
To transfer the final product into the customer’s hand, shipping is used. To control and maintain proper time in shipping the shipping module in the ERP software for the plastic industry is used. Through the ERP software module, the shipping companies, routes etc. can be fixed.
The product cost and transaction information’s are made available with the invoicing facility in the ERP software for plastic manufacturing industry. This is indeed good to keep a transparent channel between the consumer and the manufacturing industry.

Analyzing the performance
With the report making the feature in ERP software for plastic manufacturing industry the performance of the company can be calculated. With the knowledge about the weak point of working of the industry, strategies can be altered to bring out maximum performance of the industry.  
Thus using the ERP software for plastic manufacturing all the process in the manufacturing industry can be done with utmost precision and without the chance for any error.

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