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Key Benefits of Odoo 14 Maintenance

Functional Odoo 14

From factories to small offices use many equipment and instruments. Managing and managing these instruments is considered a strenuous task by many. But for those who are using Odoo for managing maintenance work. Odoo has an independent module for maintenance management. It helps the user to manage all maintenance operations. 

Odoo can manage all maintenance-related operations in an organized way. This will help the business to manage all machinery and other instruments well preventing damages and avoiding work hour wastage.

In this blog, we can find out the key benefits of Odoo 14 Maintenance Module

Maintenance Management

1. Preventing Maintenance

We can call this type of maintenance routine maintenance. These maintenance works are scheduled in advance by the maintenance wing so as to avoid damage to equipment. It avoids the chances for the dysfunction of the instruments as the maintenance work is completed on time. This type of work is carried when the instrument or machine is in working condition.


2. Corrective maintenance

This type of maintenances is done in emergency situations, ie when any instrument or machine goes dysfunctional. This type of maintenance is equal to repair work where the maintenance team helps to identify the issue and takes corrective measures. 


Manage Maintenance Requests

Odoo helps the employees of an organization to create a maintenance request. This request will be traceable by different people and it will help the business to ensure the proper communication about maintenance. If an employee finds any technical issue with his laptop or desktop he can immediately raise a maintenance request. The user can view the progress of the request from the request platform. This system can be used to raise maintenance requests for large machines also. 

While creating the request, the user can add the details of the equipment, maintenance team, and request date. The priority can also be mentioned. 

The user can generate corrective maintenance requests and preventing maintenance requests.


View the status of the Repair

Odoo request feature helps the user to trace the status of the repair work. From the moment a request is created a user can view the status. The user can find if the instrument has been repaired or scrapped or is it still in progress.


Manage Maintenance Calendar

This calendar application will help the maintenance wing to manage all maintenance activities in a systematic way. They can plan all preventive maintenances in advance. It will also help the users to get a glance at the maintenance works scheduled for a day, a month, a week, or for a whole year. The time can be allotted in a way to efficiently handle all maintenance requests. It can also support you to manage the maintenance team and deploy the team members in a way to efficiently manage all requests. As the request will have priority set in it the schedule can be prepared based on the priority


Work Center Management

Odoo 14 maintenance module helps the user to manage the operations at the work center. The maintenance activities at the work center can also be managed. The maintenance team can set alternative work centers so that this center can be used if the main work center goes dysfunctional. This will help to save time and avoid loss.


Machines and Tools Management

Manage all machines and tools with Odoo 14 in an efficient way. It can help the business grow. All items can be listed out along with the number of items. The number of maintenance requests for the product can also be viewed using this feature. The serial number of the product, the cost, the person who is handling the product and other details can be added and viewed here. This enables a user to get a glance at all the instruments and machines.


Manage Maintenance Team

This feature helps a business to manage maintenance teams. There could be internal teams, subcontractors and other special teams specially assigned to carry out the maintenance and repair of different types of machines. All such teams can be managed with Odoo.


Report Generation

Odoo 14 Maintenance Module helps the users to generate reports. This can help to assess the number of maintenance requests and the repaired status.


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