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By: Sree

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance in Odoo 14

Functional Odoo 14

Purchase and installation of equipment alone are not sufficient for the smooth operations of a business. IT requires an efficient and effective maintenance system to ensure the productivity of the equipment. Timely maintenance and repair can boost the operations of the machines and hence improve the growth of the business. Odoo has introduced a maintenance module aiming to help businesses and organizations to ensure the timely maintenance and repair of equipment. 

Odoo 14 allows the users to carry out maintenance in two different ways- Preventing and Corrective. The maintenance work can be scheduled and managed with Odoo 14. Here, we can look at how to manage maintenance. 

We can first install Odoo Maintenance Module to make use of the facility. 

Maintenance Management
As mentioned above there are two types of maintenance operations in Odoo 14. Preventive as the name indicates is carried out to prevent machine dysfunction by offering routine maintenance support. Corrective as the name indicates helps to correct reported errors. Let us discuss in detail the two types.

    1. Preventing Maintenance

This is used for regular maintenance operations. WE can schedule maintenance in advance and carry out all activities on time. This prevents the equipment from suffering from unexpected damages and ensures maximum utilization of the machines. All types of instruments from computers to manufacturing machines can be maintained using this method. This helps to carry out all maintenance works in a scheduled manner.
    2. Corrective maintenance
Though we carry out regular maintenance work, some equipment may go defunct at times. This issue has to be addressed quickly and corrective maintenance comes to the rescue in such situations. A user can register a maintenance request and alert the maintenance team about the issue. This helps the team to immediately address the issue. 
Manage Maintenance Requests
Even though there are two types of maintenance, the process for creating maintenance requests is almost the same. We can see how to create a maintenance request. The request creation begins when we click create. To create a request we can go to Maintenance -> Maintenance -> Maintenance Request.
This request will be traceable by different people and it will help the business to ensure the proper communication about maintenance. If an employee finds any technical issue with his laptop or desktop he can immediately raise a maintenance request. The user can view the progress of the request from the request platform. This system can be used to raise maintenance requests for large machines also. 
While creating the request, the user can add the details of the equipment, maintenance team, and request date. The priority can also be mentioned. 
The user can generate corrective maintenance requests and preventing maintenance requests.
Here, a Create button can be seen. This can be used. 
I have already filled the create form. In the form, you can find a field named Maintenance Type.
Here we can find two options- Preventive and corrective. In this case, I have selected the corrective type as the laptop touchpad is not working. 
But we can create a preventive maintenance request also.
Here I have opted for Annual maintenance of a laptop. Thus I selected Preventive maintenance as the option.
View the status of a repair
Viewing the status is the same for preventive and corrective. The status can be viewed from the dashboard or by clicking on the request.

Manage Maintenance Calendar
A maintenance calendar is a key tool, especially for preventive maintenance. A maintenance team can prepare the list of preventive maintenance operations for a week, month, or year and schedule work for team members accordingly. A corrective maintenance schedule can be managed based on priority.
Manage the Maintenance Team
Maintenance activities are usually carried out by internal teams. But at times, some works may be sourced out to sub-contractors for speedy completion or efficient support. Odoo 14 helps the user to manage different types of teams. Teams can be created for various purposes.

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