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By: Lijin AJ

Manage your Vehicle Rental Business with Odoo 15

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Nowadays, all companies provide and allow rental cabs for their employees for sales or company requirements. Most multinational companies offer rental cabs to employees for their personal needs, which makes the companies have a business with rental cab agencies. In this way, the companies can tie up with rental cab companies, investing in interaction among them.

With the Odoo 15 Fleet Management system, vehicle rental companies can manage the different types of customers as per their requirements. It can be based on the rent, lease, and other agreements. A vehicle rental company generally owns different vehicles based on the used cars or new cars with not much used. Based on the car registrations and other details, all can be noticed by the companies and can have a tie-up with them. The Odoo 15 Fleet Management entitles to knowing the contracts, costs, insurances, and assignments related to a vehicle without any difficulties.

Why is Fleet management easy with Odoo ERP? The Odoo 15 Fleet Management makes you track the availability of company vehicles through simple clicks. It makes you manage easily with Odoo's innovative application allowing you to track anywhere in the world. You can closely detect the vehicle fuel log and other exciting features with Fleet Management in Odoo ERP. With several visual tools, you can also supervise the expiration of contracts of the vehicles and send warning emails automatically with this application. And also, with it, you can renew your contracts from your end.

The blog gives you an overview of using Odoo 15 Fleet Management for the vehicle rental business and its significant features in using Odoo for the rental cab business.

Significant features in using Fleet Management in Odoo 15

a) You can specify in-depth descriptions of vehicles like their registration number, chassis number, engine number, and the different specifications of each car in your fleet. 

b) With the Odoo 15 Fleet management, you can track the odometer readings, know the vehicle's mileage, and analyze the car's service, repair, and other assessments.

c) You can track vehicle maintenance with this business application and forecast further services and vehicle status.

d) With this business application, you get the status of every vehicle of which owned, ordered, vehicles that have been parked, vehicles that you don’t own, etc.

e) You can mention the leasing contracts of the vehicles, specifically with the expired date, activation date, recurring costs, and status of the contract. 

f) With Odoo 15 Fleet Management application, you can enhance and monitor the fuel consumption records of each vehicle by which refilling, or else you can link each car with the specific fuel card to record the transactions.

g) You will get a clear overview of the costs of each vehicle.

h) You will be getting a clear, in-depth record of each report with precise details of your fleet in different representations with defined charts or graphs.

The Odoo 15 Fleet Management module is integrated with other modules like Accounting, Employees, Expenses, Projects, and Websites.

Now let us see how Odoo 15 Fleet Management is used in the vehicle rental business.

Management of Vehicles

Usually, there are numerous vehicles of different types in a rental cab agency. It is challenging to manage and monitor all the tasks related to all model types of different variants of cars. With Odoo 15, you can create vehicle details and follow the users' easily accessed documentation. You can give the complete details of each vehicle, namely vehicle model number, chassis number, engine number, driver details, matriculation date, purchase value, pollution rate, contract details, and other specifications. Each minute detail of a car is mentioned in the Fleet Management module in Odoo 15.


For more references, you can also visit to our blog How to Create a Fleet of Vehicle in Odoo 15 ERP

Agreement Management

Suppose an organization begins a cab business with a cab agency; they have to prepare an agreement or contract with the organization. While processing the contract management, must attain the cab agencies seriously with proper documents and terms and conditions. Every organization needs to possess the agreements to avoid legal complications later.


As seen in the above screenshot, the user can create a contract or agreement in the given form with the given details. With the use of Filters, Group By, and Favorites options, the user can get the details appropriately as per their segregation. Besides these details, the user can provide the recurring, activation, and depreciated costs in their agreement form with the options. They can also offer contract starting date and contract expiration and manage the invoice date. Clicking on the CREATE button you can develop new contacts directly where a window will appear as seen in the below screenshot.


As seen in the screenshot after adding the details you will be able to see the stage in the different pipelines while creating it is in progress and other stages are defined in the screenshot. You can close the contract by clicking on the CLOSE CONTRACT button. And thus it will be reached in the Closed stage.

Service Management

The Odoo 15 makes you build the services of your vehicle with systematic management. The Fleet Management in Odoo 15 can modulate the services 

control of multiple cars in a very organized manner.


With the above screenshot documenting, the user can enter the vehicle's details by mentioning the service type, car's name, vendor name, driver name, odometer value, date of service, etc. And also, Odoo enhances enrollment of the status of services by describing the services to do, can mention running services, canceled services, and services done in Odoo 15. You can define the bill status of servicing the car based on it. 

For more details you can go through our video link as follows:


Through Odoo 15, you can analyze the Odometer readings that execute the car mileages. With this, you can get an idea of the vehicle mileage and determine how much fuel the vehicle consumes.


With the above screenshot, you get a precise analysis of the bunch of cars in the rental agency, and you can have the documentation with the company with these details.

Control the Car Manufacturer


As seen in the above screenshot, you can create the Car Manufacturers with Odoo Fleet that enhances you by putting the vehicle's image with the logo and knowing the models of each vehicle will be there in your list. With this, Odoo makes your business task-free and risk-free. 

Accomplishes the Vehicle Model

With the below screenshot, you can understand that by describing the specifications of each vehicle, you can get a clear picture of each vehicle, and you can present the vehicle with all these details for a business. Here in accomplishing the vehicle models, the new feature in Odoo 15 is seen as you will be getting the detailed specifications of each vehicle. So the task will be reliable to manage.


Report Analysis of Fleet management

With Odoo 15, you will be able to get the reports of the fleet based on the company's requirements.


As seen in the above screenshot, you can customize the report of the vehicle used by different users in an organization and get the analysis as per the company's requirement with the Odoo 15 features. With the Filters and Group by options, you will be getting a detailed report of the vehicles with the users allocated. And you will be redirected to the graphical representations or any excel sheet details as per the company requirements with the Measures assigned in the Odoo ERP. Under the Reporting tab from the Fleet management, you will be automatically redirected to the Cost analysis. Thus the Fleet Management module for the rental cab business is facilitated with a complete Reporting Management system that strictly defines.

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By concluding this blog, you can gain vast knowledge in implementing the Odoo ERP in your rental cab business which makes your business run smoothly without any hindrance. And by implementing the latest version of Odoo, you can understand how easily your trade is executed, and with its Reporting Management, you can ensure exclusively detailed and customized reports for your tie-up multi-national companies.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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