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Odoo 14 ERP for Trading

Functional Odoo 14 Sales

What is ERP?
ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning Software is the software platform that helps a user to organize every aspect of his/her business.
What is trading?
Trading is the process of selling products and services.
Does trading involve only sale activities?
No, Trading is something beyond sales. It involves product manufacturing, product storage, product transportation, marketing of a product.
Why does trading require ERP support?
We have already mentioned that trading is something that involves the production, storage, and sale of a product. Apart from these, a set of other activities are also involved in Odoo trading. Let us see five key reasons why Trading requires ERP support.
    - Trading involves a set of activities from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of finished goods
    - Accounting, which is a complicated process is part of trading
    - Every industry requires the support of a large number of employees a proper human resources management system is needed to manage them efficiently.
    - Customer satisfaction ensures the best business for a company. Managing customers the manual way is not an easy task in the modern era.
    - The growth of a business depends on the success of marketing. An ERP can help the business to integrate email, SMS, and social marketing along with other means of marketing.
Why should we choose Odoo ERP?
Odoo is an open source ERP solution that allows the integration of different modules. It supports the user to manage all operations of a business. Here are the key features of Odoo 14 that will help the trading business.
    1. Easy to manage sales and purchase
Trading business involves the purchase of components and the sale of finished products. These to process are part of the business if it is a point of sale, drop-ship, or other modes of business. With Odoo ERP has a separate module for Sales and Purchases, everything gets organized.
    - a User can manage vendors
    - Purchase orders and quotations
    - Sale orders
    - Sale pipeline
    - Customer details
    - Invoice generation
    2. Human Resources Management
Odoo HRMS enables the efficient operation of different levels of employees. It supports the management of
    - Employee recruitment
    - Employee Appraisal
    - Employee Attendance
    - Employee Time Off
    - Employee documents and contract
    3. Efficient Customer Relationship Management support
Manage the customer by managing their contacts and ensuring regular communication. Interaction with customers and conversion of customer inquiries into business opportunities is important for every business.
    - Sales lead managements
    - Partnership management
    - Sales team organization
    - Lead Generation
    - Quotation management
    4. Inventory Management
The warehouse is a key factor for managing the business. Stock management and component management are crucial for any business. With Odoo ERP a user can manage stock, expiry date, and product lifecycle. It also supports the management of multiple warehouses.
    - Manage transfers
    - Inventory adjustment
    - Replenishment
    - Supports inventory valuation
    - Inventory forecast generation
    5. Planning scheduling
Plan your business to get the best benefits. Planning, without ERP support, is a time-consuming effort. But with Odoo 14 ERP planning becomes a simple and easy procedure. Odoo Planning helps to schedule all activities. It also supports the user to manage his shifts. As Odoo ERP requires minimal data entry, it is a user-friendly platform that can be accessed by any user.

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