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Odoo ERP For E-Mail Marketing

Functional Marketing

Choose Odoo ERP for E-Mail Marketing to Expand Business

Internet marketing has taken the place of door-to-door marketing in the new world. With increased internet access to vendors as well as customers, e-mails are playing the role of messengers and to communicate advertisement, offers and discounts. Besides, the e-mails are the key form of communication between the manufacturer and retailer, retailer and end user. The communication between the producers of raw materials and manufacturers, the operators of service industry with that of their clients and every other type of communication is taking the e-route with the flourishing of the internet. 

E-mail marketing improves customer relationship management, improves loyalty of the customers and increases frequency of business. Communication with new customers is also made possible with e-mail marketing features.


A well-equipped ERP can help the e-mail marketing by maintaining a mailing list, sale order and other marketing related documents. Auto sending of email at frequent intervals and updating customers about offers, discounts and projects are made possible with e-marketing. 

ODOO can do magic in e-mail marketing

Odoo, the open source ERP, enables the users of the ERP to integrate all segments of their business with e-mail marketing. Managing different verticals with e-mail marketing makes it a favourite of all internet users. 

The Odoo ERP for Email marketing is beneficial for manufacturing industry, service industry and point of sale, human resource management and at different levels of management. Odoo ERP can be linked with all business ventures. 

Email Marketing for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing industry commonly refers to a wide array of industries involved in the production of various goods. From food processing units to chemical product, manufacturing industries and automotive manufacturing units fall under the manufacturing category.  Email marketing features proves an added advantage to the manufacturing industry. With a mail list to be managed, each type of manufacturing industry can identify the potential customers for their product and update them about the arrival of new products and product features.


For an automotive industry, updating the customer about the new features of a latest model of car turns crucial in encouraging the buyer to think about the product. Frequent delivery of newsletters and campaign materials about the new products prompts the customer to study the feature and compare the product with other products available in the market. The chances for purchasing increase with the effective email marketing strategy.

In the manufacturing industry, the manufacturer is able to frequently communicate with the retailer and update them about new products and prices with e-mail marketing features. Food industry can update customers about new recipes and food products along with their nutritional value. Different industries use different templates available in the Odoo Email marketing to ensure effective communication.

Service Industry 

Service Industry is no different. In the service Industry, e-mail marketing enables a service provider to contact a large number of possible clients simultaneously. Managing frequent contact with regular clients, email alerts about services, add-on special rates for services, updates about new projects and on-going projects give boost to the business enterprises. 


For different activities in the service sector including construction sector, event management and consultancy service can make the best use of email marketing features of Odoo. They can update the potential clients about the projects and project locations, publicize events and communicate about the services provided by a firm with the help of email marketing features.

This also enables me to send newsletters, maintain contact lists. What is more, Odoo helps you to review the status of email and get updated about the recipients. Here, in this blog, we discuss the key features of Odoo Email Marketing Module and how it will benefit the business. 


Manage Mailings

Mailing can be managed with ease with Odoo support, as it has some unique features. It enables the user to sort mails in draft, in queue sending lists and sent lists. 

This helps to identify the delivery status. The success rate of delivery status and the reply status can be viewed. The ODOO Feature also enables to identify the percent of recipients who actually clicked open the mails and went through the content.

The user can get a glance at the success rate of sent emails just by opening the email marketing dashboard. In the opening page itself, one can find separate columns to manage the list of messages in the draft list, in queue, and in the sent list. 


Just by clicking the tabs one can get the details of each mail sent. The purpose of the mail, the percent of received and open messages and the unsent mail numbers could be spotted. This enables the user to correct the mail ID or make necessary changes to ensure the proper delivery of mail.

Managing a separate list of failed mails is also possible with Odoo. Mail tracing feature helps to improve mailing list, avoid unnecessary mail IDs and find accurate IDs for communication. Mail list management can be done with graphic support also for quick understanding for the user. 


News Letter

Odoo ERP helps to easily get statistical details of Newsletters sent and received during a particular period. The percentage of recipients who received, which opened, those replied and the percent of newsletters bounced will get updated automatically on the top of the screen. 


The records available could also be sorted out along with the name of the firm or individual along with phone number and email address. ODOO also enables mail setting features with the logo of the company and features to help a recipient to unsubscribe or contact the sender.

Record Management

Email marketing feature helps to easily access selected records including the details lead, contact name, email address, phone number, country name and other details. The details of the sales person and the sales team can also be accessed with a click using the record tracking feature. The selection can be made for a period of time.


Schedule Activity

Email marketing also enables scheduling of activity. The activity including meetings, calls, mail communication can be listed and the work can be assigned to any employee. Alert generation of the to-do task with the help of email is possible.


Mail Body setting

ODOO ERP helps to manage the mail body setting offering a wide range of templates. The templates suitable for letters, newsletters, brochures and other files are available in Odoo application. The setting also enables page layout, logo alignment, paragraph management and inclusion of links to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media groups. 



Odoo Email marketing enables the user to choose the apt template from different template models. The user can set templates for plain letters and brochures. Well-designed templates to suit campaigns for new arrivals with logo and styling features are also available. 


Mailing List Management

Mailing list can be created by the user to speed up the email marketing process. Separate list of customers interested in different types of products or services can be sorted automatically.

Separate management of imported lists of mail addresses along with the time of creation of the mail list can be listed out.


Mail list contacts can be used to trace the name of the customer, the company name, email address and the status of bounced mails. The listing feature also helps to identify the addresses included in the black list. 


Another feature of the mailing list contacts is the possibility to easily arrange the mail sending data date wise. 

The details of total mails sent, company name, country and the creator of the mail can be updated. The main attachment, mobile number and other details can also be added to the list.

Mass Mail Analysis

The success rate of email marketing can be analysed with the help of Odoo ERP for Email Marketing. The email marketing module, which can be used by different types of users, can also be integrated with other modules including web sites to get better results. 

Odoo also promises support for mass mailing analysis. Mass mailing, which is the most used advertising and campaign method in recent years, can be analysed with the help of Email Marketing Module. 


Raw and column wise arrangement of the total mails sent, total mails delivered, total mails opened helps the user to get a quick understanding of the marketing progress. Besides, it helps to quickly take a glance at the number of bounced mails, the mail recipients who replied to the mail. 


A disadvantage of email marketing, in general, is the inefficiency to track the effectiveness of the mail. But, Odoo, the best solution for all your business needs, offer a special feature to address this also. Just by clicking the Mass mailing analysis tab, the sender can take note of the number of recipients who clicked open the mails 


Down loading the documents and expanding the documents is also possible with the email marketing function. Apart from the table of mails sent, the module also provide features to get graphic representation of the status of the sent mails.

The mailing analysis also helps the user to set the time range for analysis. The analysis can be made every week, every month and on a yearly basis to review the progress. Frequent updating of the mail list and introduction of better email marketing strategies can be planned with the help of this feature.


Benefit of Mass Mailing Analysis

Analysis helps every process to improve continuously. The Mass mailing analysis is sure to benefit the user of the feature to update their email marketing plans and develop new strategies to increase the number of clicks on the mail and replies. The analysis can also increase the number of sent mails and avoid the bouncing of mails.

Line Tracker 

A key feature of Odoo Email Marketing is line tracker. The line tracker, which can be configured for the user, enables the user to track every mail sent by them. The URL, the target URL and the tracked URL details can be availed with a click.  The Line tracking feature alerts you when the mass communication email sent by you has been opened by any of the recipients. The date and time of opening the email and other details can also be accessed with this feature. The system also enables the tracking of the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM).


Black Listing 

Odoo ERP supports black listing of email address. This helps the sender to block spam messages in a systematic way. The black listing process also helps the sender to exclude the black listed address from the mailing list. Black listing helps to free the storage space and improve efficacy of operation.


Odoo provides a feature called log note where the user can mark messages and log. Black list can be created just by creating a tab and saving the details. The date of preparation along with a log note can be reviewed at any time with ease.

Integration possibilities

Integration of Email marketing with SMS marketing and live chat feature manifolds the marketing capabilities of every firm. Odoo, being the best open source support for email marketing allows integration with Odoo SMS marketing and Odoo Live chat features.

Make the Right Decision

Email marketing which enables a company to send commercial messages to a number of probable consumers is the key marketing tactic in the present day. The mails can be sent to existing customers, potential customers and those visiting the website of the company. 

The email feature can also coordinate the purchase, retails, manufacture and other aspects of every business. Frequent updates on special offers for festivals, discounts and loyalty programmes can easily prompt the recipient to click the message and engage in business.


The potential customers are listed with the support of website and other marketing modules. The email marketing feature can also be used by institutions to simultaneously contact many people.

Campaign for a cause like fund collection for charitable activities, environment protection drive and mass mail to all students of a university can be generated with the help of the feature.

The cloud based marketing feature enables any business group to reach out to large number of customers every day. Unlike person to person marketing, where the physical presence of a sales manager is necessary, email marketing helps to frequently remain in touch with potential customers.

Key Benefits

1. Quick communication with consumers

2. Constant communication

3. Alert about new arrivals and products

4. Update price list and special features

5. Improve CRM by communicating loyalty programmes

6. Easily communicate discount offers and special rates

7. Analyse the success of email communication

8. Improve communication strategies

9. Easy integration with other Odoo modules

10. Easy to handle marketing mode

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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