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By: Evin Davis

Odoo Sales Module: The Best Sales Management Tool for Business

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In every business, the primary ideology is to sell out more and more products and services as is the way to earn more income., Therefore the main aim of the business is to conduct and execute more sales operations based on the needs and the demands of the customers. By putting the product and services which every company has used various methodologies such as marketing, promotions, customer management, and the multiple ways to bring in more business the company can boost the sales. With the impact of the pandemic in 2019 many businesses were closed down, and now it's the stage of recovery as the governmental organizations have eased the restriction. However, the business wherein needs to adapt to newer methodologies of doing business to keep up with the ongoing situation of the pandemic. In addition, a lot of businesses were closed down with the impact of the pandemic which was not able to drive the business to keep up with the downfall of the economies.
Anyhow the economies have recently started depicting progress with the use of the restriction which seems to be a good start for the business and an opportunity to pick up where they left off upon the impact of the pandemic. One of the major aspects that a business will need is the help of dedicated tools of operation which will lead to the betterment of the business. Among them, sales management plays a crucial role in the aspects of the functioning of the business. There are dedicated tools that provide the complete functionality in regards to the sales management operations for the company, and there are tools that will combine it with the complete management of the business operations. Either way, the aspects of sales management are vital for the business to strive and be successful in the future financial years to come.
Odoo is one of the tools that fall into the category of complete business operations management for the companies that have defined and distinctive modules of operation that deal with each aspect of the business. The distinctive and highly efficient Sales management module of the Odoo platform will pave the way for the complete and effective management of the sales operation in a company.
This blog will describe why the Odoo Sales management module is the complete and effective solution for the operation of the sales operations in a company.
The Odoo Sales module is the complete manifestation of the Sales management aspects, which is modernized and reliable to meet the demands of the functioning of a business operation in this fast-moving world. The distinctive menus and the tools available in the module will cater to the aspects of the effective management of the sales operations in any form of business. Let's now move on to u descend on how the Sales module of the Odoo platform is being defined.
Odoo Sales Module
The distinctive module of the Odoo platform, the Sales module is the defined solution for the management and control of the sales operations in a business. A well-structured way of functioning with the distinctive menus of operation will be better for the management aspects of the sales operations in the business. The functioning of the Sales module is being systemized so that there is a workflow of the functioning of the business. In addition, the direct integration with the Website module for the eCommerce sales as well as with the Point Of Sales module for the counter retail sales will help in the complete management of the business in all the does of sales operations that are being conducted under their label. Along with the support of the Inventory module, which is centralized in operations, the aspect of Wholesale, Retail, and eCommerce sales operations are being conducted effectively. Moreover, the real-time data availability of the Sales operation from the Sales module dashboard will be helpful for the business and its operations. Making it one of a kind solution is the operation of the Sales Management aspects of any business.
Let's now understand the salient features of the Odoo Sales Module which make it an exceptional sales management module for business operations.
Features of the Sales module
The Odoo Sales module is an advanced system with the capabilities to undergo and manage the complete operations of a business in regard to the sales management aspect. The managers, sales executives, and other people involved will have depicted credentials to log into the platform and can work on unanimously executing the operational aspects of the sales operation in the business to be implemented and done effectively. Here are certain of the salient features of the Odoo Sales module that make it an exceptional tool in the aspects of business management operations.
a) A modernized interface with a dedicated dashboard will provide the rightful insight into the aspects of the sales operation which are conducted in a business within a glance.
b) Capability to define Sales Warning, Electronic Signature, and Configure the Approval aspects, which will be helpful in the business operations and its management.
c) Capability to run the operation for the operation of the Sales operations from the Mobile view
d) Direct Integration with the Accounting module will help with the effective management of the financial aspects of the sales operation conducted.
e) Integration with the dedicated Payment Acquirers will help with the effective payment on sales to be collected from the customers.
f) Direct connectivity with the POS module will help the counter sales be managed with the sales management aspects.
g) Capability to create and send Sales Quotation which can be provided to the customer upon approval 
h) Define definite Email templates that can be sent to the customers based on the sales operation.
i) Direct integration with the inventory module and real-time data on the stock of products will ensure that there aren’t any hiccups in the product sales operation.
j) The product and service the company is rendering can be defined in the distinctive product menu.
k) Integration with the rental module will ensure that the rental business will have a definite sale management tool for the rental aspects.
l) Direct creation of sales quotations and sales orders from the leads and the pipelines of the CRM module of the Odoo platform
m) Define Product Types, Third Praty Shippers, assing Shipping and Laded costs on products, operations Coupons, and promotional discounts, define multiple price lists and make use of the product configurator tool.
These are certain of the salient feature of the Odoo Sales module but are not limited to making it the exceptional Sales Management tool available for business today.
In conclusion, with the various advanced capabilities and definite methodology of operations, the Odoo Sales module will act as the complete and effective solution for the aspects of the Sales Management in any organization irrespective of the Size, Region of operation, and Sector in which they function. If you need to know the Advantages of Using the Odoo Sakes Module, you can refer to the following blog: Advantages of Odoo Sales Module

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