Last updated: November 26, 2019

Human Resource

Basic Configurations under Employee Module



Employees> Configuration> Job Positions

Upon clicking create button, you can add new job position.

On the fly, one can enter the name of the new job position, the company under which the position is created, job location and description, expected new employees under the position, contract template ( default contract used when making an offer to the applicant).

One can either use the existing the contract or create a new one. To create a new contract, click create and edit option.

You will be navigated to a new window like below:

There you can enter several information related to the contract such as Employee name, Department, Contract Terms such as- start date, end date, trial period, working schedule, accounting details, also the salary structure type and many more.

Also one can add the interview form under the Job position create form. Adding interview form in the position helps in printing and getting answered this interview form all applicants who apply for this position.

To create new interview form, click CREATE and EDIT button,

Here you can add the survey title, category, questions and so on.


Odoo enables you to create and manage your organizations departmental hierarchy in the simplest manner.

To create a new department,

Go to Employee > Configuration > Departments > Create.

From the Employee Department dashboard, one can view the already created departments also certain information related to each of them.

For instance, upon clicking EMPLOYEES link, one gets to the know the employees listed under this particular department.

Same way you can directly get to the department wise reports such as appraisals, time off requests, allocation requests, absentees in the department etc. Via clicking it, you get with its details.

To create a new department, click the CREATE button.

A create form will appear like above:

Under the form you will have the following fields:

  • Department Name
  • Parent Department
  • Manager
  • Company

Fill in the fields and click SAVE.


An employment contract standoff as the consensual agreement between an employer and employee. It is the thread that binds together the relationship between the employer and employee. Under odoo employee database, one can seamless create employee contract templates, to add them under the job positions and other relevant places.

To create a new contract template, go to Employees> Configuration> Contracts> Templates> Create.

Under the template one can add several information such as Salary details amounting to all monthly advantages drawn by the employee in a company, Monthly Benefit in kind, Employee costs, Yearly advantages, salary structure type, working schedule, contract type and so on.


It is quite natural for a personal to feel tensed and anxious at their first day of work. However, this tension can be put to rest, if the HR or the management tends them with care. With Employee planning option in Odoo, the employee onboarding can be efficiently carried out. One can implement several onboarding exercises such as sharing office handbook, diaries and other source of data to the employees. Supplying these kinds of materials can help the fresh recruits to figure things and fit themselves in the company shoes at the earliest.

To configure new plans,

Go to Employees> Configuration> Activity Planning>Plans

To create a new plan, click on create button.

You can enter the name, Activity Types such as Training, Material Distribution etc. To ass the activity type, click Add a line option.

Create save to mark the changes.


When it comes to Human Resource, gamification has its own very special place. It helps in keeping the employees spirit alive and motivating them to do more in the workplace. Many companies have adopted game traits to motivate employees and give them a home feel atmosphere in the office. Under Odoo one can execute several challenges as part of gamification. Here, users get evaluated through goals and numerical objectives.


To assign goals, under odoo one can set challenges.

To configure a new challenge, go to Employees> Configuration> Challenges> Challenge> Create.

Under the fly, one can enter the challenge name for instance MONTHLY SALES OBJECTIVE, periodicity of the challenge, Display Modes: Individual Goals/ Group Ranking, User responsible for the challenge, start date and end date, Goal definition.


For non-numerical achievements, users are granted with badges. Badges can be the best medium to show gratitude to user for his/her achievement. No matter it represents a mere “thank you” or a big achievement.

To create a new badge, go to

Employees> Configuration> Challenges> Badges> Create.

From dashboard, one can see the already created badges with a small background of it. For example, from the dashboard one can make out several information such as how many granted with this badge this month, description note and so on.

To create a new badge,

Click on CREATE button. You will be navigated to a new window like below:

On the create fly, one can add the Badge name and Badge description. One can also select who can grant this badge.

Upon selecting monthly limited sending option, one can set a monthly limit per person of sending this badge.


To acquire the employee analysis report, go to Employees> Reporting

One gets to see the complete statistical data pertaining to employees such as

  • Total Employees
  • Total Contracts
  • Last Contract Ended Date and so on. Via using the application, the user can create n-number of custom reports choosing parameters like Filters, Time ranges and more.


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