Last updated: November 26, 2019

Human Resource

Employee Leaves

From Odoo 13 Leave Management Module is re-titled to Time off. In Odoo, leave management is done in two phase. First, employee request for leave and in second phase the HR manager or concerned level officer sanction the leave. Odoo generates detailed report to analyze the leave behavior. Admin or concerned officer can view these reports before sanctioning leave to an employee.

Firstly, Install the Time off module.

As you enter the dashboard of time off module, you can see leaves for the current day/ week/ month.

Via clicking the NEW TIME OFF REQUEST, you can create a new leave request.

Under the Time off type, one can select the leave type, dates of leave, duration, and description.


To configure leave/ time off types, go to Time off> Configuration> Time off Types.

Here one can see the already created time off types, however to create a new one, click on the CREATE button.

Here one can specify the Payroll code, Take time off during: Day/Half Day/ Hours, Allocation modes

  • No Allocation Needed: No allocation by default, users can freely request time off.
  • Free Allocation Request: Allocated by HR and users can request time off and allocations.
  • Allocations by HR only: Allocated by HR only and cannot be bypassed by anyone; users can request time off.

Work Entry Type:

Validation: The options to set the validation of leaves. Also the person responsible for approving this type of time off.

Validity Period: Adding validity to types of time off so that it cannot be selected outside this time period


To configure the time off request, go to Time off> My Time off > Time off Requests> Create.

Upon clicking the CREATE button, you can add new time off request.

Here one can specify the time off type from the dropdown menu, the duration of the leave, from date and to date, also the description of the time off.

Click save to mark the changes.

Now the status of your time off is “To Approve”, it will change soon after concerned officer approve the time off.


Once the user makes the time off request, it is the responsibility of the concerned officer like HR admin to approve and sanction the time off requested.


Time off> Managers> Time off

As soon as you enter the dashboard you get to see the time off requested. From the list select the time off request. Approve or Refuse after looking reviewing it.


Administrator can view detailed and varying reports in his dashboard.

Go to Time off > Reporting


Unlike time off request, time off allocation is more of a planned leave request. Employee can request to allocate time off for him (generally in case of long leaves).


Time off > My Time Odoo > Allocation Request > Create

From the dashboard, the user can see the allocation types listed. However, to create new, click on CREATE button.

Here one can add the description, time off type and duration of leaves. Fill the fields and click Save to submit the leave to manager for approval.

To view the current leave requests of the employees, go to Time off > Everyone.

Via clicking any employee, from straight there, the HR or concerned manager can approve/refuse the time off request.



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