Purchase Management

Last updated: November 26, 2019

Purchase Management



Soon after getting the reply (with offer) from the supplier, update the RfQ via clicking on Edit in order to fit the quotation (prices, taxes, expected delivery lead time, payment terms, etc.), Later click on Save for issuing a Purchase Order.

Click CONFIRM ORDER to send the order to the supplier. As you soon as you confirm the ORDER, the RFQ status gets changed to the Purchase Order.


Upon confirming the order, the end user can lock their purchase order from further interruptions.

To activate the feature, Go toPurchase > Configuration >Settings. Activate the Lock Confirmed Orders feature.

Lock an order

While working on a purchase order, when you CONFIRM it, you would then be able to lock the request forestalling any further adjustment on the order.

Odoo automatically lock the purchase order. You can see the changes in status bar like shifting from Purchase order to Locked.

You can also unlock the purchase order via tapping the UNLOCK BUTTON, if you need to further make the changes.

Receive the products.

Upon clicking the RECEIVE PRODUCTS button, you will be navigated to a new window like below:

Validate the stock picking.Here you can see various informations of the purchase order you created. This includes- product location, received from, operation type, scheduled date, source document and product info.

Under Other Information tab,

You get to know the Receipt Date, Purchase Representative responsible for the order, Billing status, Payment terms also an option Print Variant Grid. If the option Print Variant Grid is selected, the matrix of configurable products will be shown on the report of this order.

Upon clicking print button, you get the pdf copy of your PURCHASE ORDER.


Because of false impressions, human blunders or change of plans, we may at times have to drop or cancel the purchase order sent to providers. Odoo enables you to do it. One can cancel the purchase via tapping the cancel button.

Odoo consequently cancels the outstanding shipments associated to this particular purchase order. Change occurs in the status bar from Purchase order to Cancelled.


In case of expensive purchases, it is mandatory that you get the approval of the concerned authority in order to validate your orders. Odoo embeds this provision under the configuration setting and one can easily set that up.


For this feature to work, go to Purchases > Configuration >Settings. Activate the Purchase Order Approval feature under Order Section.

One can set the base sum or minimum amount required to initiate this feature.

While dealing with another new quotation request, if the request is made by a client and not the manager and the order amount is exceeding the minimum amount you determined, a new To Approve status will be presented then.

Approve the order

In the event that you are purchase manager, you would now be able to go to the purchase order and approve them if everything is ok in it. Giving you full control of what your clients can or can't do.

Upon confirming, the purchase order pursues the ordinary procedure.


Odoo enables warning feature in purchase module in order to raise warnings or blocking messages on purchase orders based on a vendor or a product.

For example, if you often face problem with a vendor, you might want to raise a warning when conducting a purchase from that vendor.

Secondly, if a product is about to be discontinued, in that case you may want to raise a blocking message on the purchase order with respect to that product.


For availing this feature, go to Purchase> Configuration > Settings. Activate the Warnings feature under the orders category.

Add a warning on a vendor

Upon activating the feature, you get a new option under the Internal Notes tab on vendors. One can inscribe a simple warning or a blocking message here.

Buying with warnings or blocking messages

If the end user tries to validate a Purchase Order from a vendor or with a product that comes along with a warning, the action will trigger a message. The end client can ignore the message via clicking the OK button.

However, if it is a blocking message, the end user cannot ignore them simply.



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