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By: Evin Davis

Things to Know While Migrating to a Newer Version of Odoo


Upgrading to the newer version of the software is always essential and it's an advisable operation regarding any software tool that you use. Let it be software solutions in a company, on your laptop, or your smart gadgets the updates should be installed regularly. Moreover, these upgrades to the newer version will bring in additional functionality, increase processing speed and improve the overall functioning it. Furthermore, considering business operations the software up-gradation is important and will provide improvement in the operational parameters and the performance aspects of the software solutions in the companies.
Odoo is one of the prominent business management software solutions which have been used all over the world as a reliable business tool. Today the software has crossed 5 million users, they vary in the sector of operation, the scale of the company, and methodology of functioning. Odoo will be able to provide you with reliability in your business operations management and improvement in aspects of overall company productivity as well as profitability. Let be a small or a medium scale or a multinational enterprise that you are owning Odoo and be the reliable one-stop solution with the capability to provide you with dedicated tools for its management.
The Odoo software is supposed by the Odoo community as an open-source platform. The community consists of Odoo partners, Odoo developers, designers, consultants, and all other supporting staff of the platform. Moreover, the platform has been releasing new versions every year for the last couple of ones and is expected to do the same. Now the Odoo 14 is the newest version of the platform which is considered as the fastest and most advanced Odoo that has been ever developed. Released in the last year 2020 a devastating year due to the pandemic the Odoo experience event was conducted virtually due to restrictions imposed. This year the same is to happen as the pandemic situation is still prevailing in the boun time of conduction of the Odoo experience to 2021. Here the Odoo version 15 will be released, as of now there has been no update but there are certain expected features that are being unveiled. You can read the following blog on the understand certain expectations regarding the upcoming release of Odoo 15: Odoo 15 - A Prediction on Certain Features
Let's now move on to understand about Odoo migration: and all that you need to know before migrating to the answer version of Odoo.
The migration in Odoo can be voided as the up-gradation of the software to the newer version which has been officially released by Odoo. The migration in Odoo involves two aspects, initial data migration, the migration of your existing data such as customer details, vendor, inventory, product information, employee details, and many more available data to the newer version of the Odoo platform.
Secondly, the migration of the applications as well as the add ons of those have been configured to be operational on the platform. These add ons should be configured and customized as per the operational requirements and the functional aspects of the newer Odoo version. Any way migration operations cannot be well performed without the expertise of the rightful Odoo service provider. You can read the following blog to understand more about what is Odoo migration: What is Odoo Migration?
So why should we Migrate?
This is a question that arises in every Odoo user. Can we still use the same version as is providing reliable results for us and so why is the need to migrate? There is doubt in the fact that the older version of Odoo is reliable and has a proven track record in your company, now if you could bring in newer functionality as well as operational capabilities to improve the productivity in operations as well as the profitability of the organization you must migrate to a newer version of Odoo. 
In addition, the Odoo service provider, as well as the Odoo community, will be supporting only the latest three versions of the platform as well as its users which will come as a non-beneficial aspect for the company holding older versions of the platform. Additionally, functioning with a new version can be helpful to integrate newer technologies as well as advanced functional options available to your company operations with Odoo.
What does Odoo Migration Provide you with?
As mentioned earlier the Odoo releases newer versions every year through the Odoo experience event and each version is more advanced than the preceding version on certain aspects. Let's look at Odoo 14 which is an advanced and the newest version of the Odoo platform and is better in operational speed compared to the previous version Odoo 13. In all the upgrades the Odoo focus on improving the following aspects:
- Pricing and cost
- Operational scalability
- Closeness to the user-friendly aspect
- Operational applicability
- Improve the speed as well as the benefits of the operation
In any of the upgrades from the side of Odoo, these are some of the aspects they will be focusing on to improve the new version from the preceding version. The aspects mentioned above are the main reasons to motivate your company to upgrade your old version of Odoo to the newer one ie undergo a migration process. You can read the following blog where I have to describe the vitality of migration in this competitive market: Vitality of Odoo Migration in a Competitive Market

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