Chapter 3 - Odoo 15 Development Book

Data fields

Models are used to store information, which is organised into fields. Here we can learn about the type of data stored on a field and how to add them into a model.

First we have to create a python file on the models directory for defining the basic model.

models >

1. Use some simple code to add the patient record and create a new model for that.

import datetime
from odoo import api, fields, models, _
class HospitalPatient(models.Model):
   _name = "hospital.patient"
   _rec_name = 'reference_no'
   _description = "Hospital Patient"
   name_id = fields.Many2one('res.partner', string="Name", required=True)
   reference_no = fields.Char(string='Order Reference', required=True,
                              readonly=True, default=lambda self: _('New'))
   bdate = fields.Date(string='DOB', related='name_id.dob')
   age = fields.Char(string="Age", compute='_compute_age')
   mobile = fields.Char(string='Mobile', related='')
   phone = fields.Char(string='Phone', related='')
   gender = fields.Selection([
       ('other', 'Other'),
       ('male', 'Male'),
       ('female', 'Female'),
   ], srting='Gender', default='other')
   blood_grp = fields.Selection([
       ('a+', 'A+'),
       ('b+', 'B+'),
       ('ab+', 'AB+'),
       ('ab-', 'AB-'),
       ('o+', 'O+'),
       ('o-', 'O-'),
   ], string="Blood Group")
   note = fields.Text(string='Note')
   prescription = fields.Text(string="Prescription")
   ticket_id = fields.One2many('hospital.ticket', 'patient_card', string='Ticket')

Fields are added to models by defining an attribute in their python classes. The non relational field types are as follows.

  • Char - Used for string values
  • Text - Is used for multi line string values
  • Selection - Used for selection list, allows for dynamically generated lists of option
  • Binary - Used for store binary field
  • Html - It is similar to html fields
  • Boolean - Store True or False values
  • Date - Store date values, it have some utilities that are:
    • - fields.Date.to_date(string_value) : Convert string to date object

      - fields.Date.to_string(date_value) : Convert date to string value

      - : Current date in string format

      - fields.Date.context_today(record, timestamp): Returns the day of the timestamp in a string format

  • Datetime - Used to store date time values (dd/mm/yyyy HH:MM:SS), have some utils
    • - fields.Datetime.to_datetime(string_value) : String into datetime object

      - fields.Datetime.to_string(datetime_value): Datetime object to a string

      - : Current datetime value

      - fields.Datetime.context_timestamp(record, timestamp) : Converts a timestamp-native datetime object into zone-aware datetime object

  • Float - Store numerical values
  • Monetary - Store amount in a certain currency

2. We have added new fields to the model. We need to add the fields into a form view in order to reflect the changes on the user interface. The below code is used for view the field on the user interface

        <div class="oe_title">
                <field name="reference_no" readonly="1"/>
                <field name="name_id" widget="res_partner_many2one"
                       context="{'res_partner_search_mode': 'customer', 'show_address': 1 }"
                       options="{"always_reload": True}"/>
                <!--<field name="address"/>-->
                <field name="mobile"/>
                <field name="phone"/>
                <field name="bdate"/>
                <field name="age"/>
                <field name="gender"/>
                <field name="blood_grp"/>
                <field name="note"/>
            <page string="OP History">
                <field name="ticket_id">
                    <tree create="0" delete="0" edit="0">
                        <field name="tocken_no"/>
                        <field name="date"/>
                        <field name="doctor_id"/>
                        <field name="department"/>

3. Upgrade the module and go to the user interface we can see the form view



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