Odoo Fleet- Odoo 15 Community Book

Odoo Fleet

Fleet management inside a company or an organization can be defined as the process of managing commercial vehicles. This system will help you to organize all operations regarding vehicle management including repair and maintenance works. For the effortless management of fleet operations in your company, you can completely rely on the Odoo 15 Fleet management module. The advanced Odoo ERP system covers all aspects of fleet management efficiently. It keeps a record of the vehicles, odometer values, driver’s details, cost, fuel consumption, and shows the status of each vehicle.

In this chapter, we will discuss the Fleet Management module in Odoo 15.

The main dashboard of the Fleet Management module in Odoo 15 can be seen as shown below where you can see the details of vehicles configured on this platform. The vehicles configured here are arranged in different stages such as New Request, To Order, Ordered, Registered, Downgraded, Reserve, Waiting List, and many more. You will get the ‘Add a Column' option on this platform to create a new stage for the vehicles.

Odoo 15 Fleet

The Settings icon given on the right side of each stage includes the options to Fold the stage on Kanban view, Edit the stage, Delete, Archive, and Unarchive. Apart from the Kanban view, this window can be also seen in List as well as Pivot views. To add vehicles under a specified stage, you can click on the + icon shown on the right side of the respective stage. You can also use the Create button to configure a new vehicle in this module.

Odoo 15 Fleet

You can specify the Model and License Plate number of the vehicle in the specified fields. Select suitable tags for the vehicle in the Tags field. The details of the driver can be configured in the Driver menu. Mention the name of the current Driver’s address and Future Driver’s address in the respective fields. The Assignment Date will define the date at which the car will be available. If the date is not specified, then it means that the vehicle is available instantly.

The details regarding the vehicle can be specified in the Vehicle menu. Here, you will get the field to define the Chassis Number which is a unique number written on the vehicle motor (VIN/SN number). Assign an employee as the Fleet Manager in the specified field. Mention the Location and Company of the vehicle.

In the Tax Info tab, you can mention the Horsepower Taxation in the Fiscality field.

Odoo 15 Fleet

The First Contract Date, Catalog Value (Value of the bought vehicle), Purchase Value, and Residual Value of the vehicle can be specified in the Contract field.

The Model tab can be used to mention the details about the model of the vehicle.

Odoo 15 Fleet

You can add the year of the model, Transmission used by the vehicle, Color, Horsepower, Power in kW, Fuel Type used by the vehicle, CO2 Emissions, and CO2 Standards of the vehicle in the corresponding fields.

Any other information related to the vehicle can be added under the Note tab.

Odoo 15 Fleet

After completing all fields, you can click on the Save button to save the details.

Odoo 15 Fleet

After saving the details of the vehicle, you will be able to get some advanced buttons in the smart tab as shown in the image above. The Drivers History will show the details of the drivers of this vehicle. From the Contracts button, you will get the contracts for this vehicle. The service logs of this vehicle can be seen in the Services button. Similarly, the Odometer button will show the odometer logs for this vehicle.

Now, let’s look at the Contracts menu available in the Fleet module.



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