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The sales module in Odoo is considered as one among the essential modules in Odoo that control and manage sales orders in a company. The Sales module in Odoo works integrated with the major functions of Odoo CRM. The quotations we have created from the leads and opportunities in the CRM module can be integrated into the Sales module to convert them to sales orders and take further actions.

The sale process is counted as one of the core processes in business and featuring a specialized module for managing all sales activities within a single platform, Odoo ensures the smooth functioning of the sales inside a company or organization. It encompasses numerous possibilities to effectively organize the quotations and sales order and shows versatility in performance in order to work in accordance with customer’s needs. With the help of the Sales module in Odoo, you can easily create sales orders from qualified opportunities and effectively manage these orders for enriching the sales process. Let’s take a look at the major attractive features of the Sales module in Odoo 15.

Features of the Sales module in Odoo 15

Advanced User Interface

Odoo always ensures fast reachability to the data recorded in a module and shows dynamic performance using the advanced tools in the system. The modern user interface in the Sales module will help the salesperson to reach the information he/she needs and ensure the availability of appropriate tools to perform the advanced sales operations. The options for different operations in sales inside this module are designed in a way that the salesperson or the authority can easily get access to data inside the respective platforms. The dashboards of each window will display maximum details about the sales activities.

Mobile Interface

The Odoo ERP system has enabled the mobile interface for the Sales module that will help the user to get access to the data regarding sales and sales operations anytime and anywhere.

Minimize Data Entry

In the Sales module, you can directly create sales orders from a qualified opportunity and quotation in a few clicks. You can reduce entering data each time while creating new sales orders because, in Odoo, the salesperson can convert a quotation into sales orders, and invoices from the same window. By integrating with Odoo CRM, you can manage your sales pipeline and the development of sales orders.

Generating Sales Warning

Generating sales warnings will be helpful to get alert notifications about a particular product or customer. The warning option will be useful to stay away from inappropriate dealings which will make your business safer and stronger.

Advanced Quotation Building System

The Sales module has facilitated an advanced system to create new quotations in simple steps. You can create a well-defined quotation with a predefined product list and pricelist. You will be able to generate high-quality quotations in this module using the dynamic tools available on this platform. Moreover, Odoo will allow you to design a customized quotation template for your sales operations. In just a few clicks, you will be able to create a professional quotation template at your convenience. You can save and reuse them in the future. This system has also enabled a specialized field to send Pro-forma invoices to customers regarding the product and service cost.

Upselling to Increase Profit

The Upselling feature in the Sales module is designed to increase the profit by giving extra options, proposing additional products, offering discounts, and many more. This feature can be used to improve sales by giving attractive options to customers and thereby increase profit.

Effective Sales Order & Contract Management

Odoo ensures complete management of sales orders in the Sales module. You can effortlessly convert quotations to sales orders and then into invoices in simple steps. Odoo has also facilitated eSign options in quotes so that the customer can do it themselves online. You will be able to keep track of the invoices from the sales order and manage payments from customers on this platform.

Easy Communication with Customers

Advanced features in Odoo have enabled easy communication with customers by the salesperson. The responsible salesperson can schedule appointments with customers or even contact them directly in the Sales module. While configuring a product in the Sales module, you can also create an email template about the product with the necessary details to the customer so that they can easily understand the instructions and information regarding the particular product.

Predefined Product and Price List

Using the Configuration tools in the Sales module you can create a product list for sale in the module. It is easier than ever to define the product variants and configure different attributes of the product based on the color, size, material, etc. Odoo will also allow you to set discounts on quotation items. You can add price lists for each product separately and allow coupons for price lists based on the customer’s interest.


Integrating with Odoo CRM will manage your sales pipeline effectively and automate the creation of leads. The Accounting module will generate invoices based on sales orders and contracts automatically. You will get exact details about the availability of products from the quotation itself by integrating with the Inventory module. The eCommerce in Odoo will enable you to execute a fully integrated online store to sell your products.

Now, let discuss the product management and configuration in the Sales Module.



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