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Shipping Methods

In the Sales module, you can effortlessly organize the methods of delivering products to the respective customers and describe their prices. Odoo has enabled the configuration of shipping methods on sales quotations or orders created in the Sales module so that you can easily deliver your product and services to the customers without any difficulties.

In order to get the Shipping Method platform in the Sales module, first, you have to enable the Delivery Methods under the Shipping option in the Settings menu.

Odoo 15 Sales Module

After enabling this field, you can find the Shipping Methods option in the Configuration menu. The shipping method dashboard will display all available shipping methods in the Sales module. The Filters and Group By option will help you to locate a particular delivery method. You can click the ‘Create’ button to create a new shipping method. You can also reuse the available methods and edit the data using the Edit button by selecting the respective method.

Odoo 15 Sales Module

The dashboard will show the details about Delivery Method, Provider, Published Status, Website, Company, and Countries. Clicking on the ‘Create’ button will lead you into a new window to create a new shipping method as shown in the image below.

Odoo 15 Sales Module

Mention the Shipping Method in the given field. From the drop-down menu, you can assign a Provider to the delivery method. It may be Fixed Price or Based on Rule. in the Fixed Price option, the shipping cost will be the same throughout the shipping. In the Based on Rule option, as the title indicates the shipping cost will be based on some rules. Add Company name, Website, Delivery Product, and Margin on Rate.

You can add Fixed Price under the Pricing tab. The Destination Availability tab will help you to define the locations where the delivery option is available.

Odoo 15 Sales Module

By filling this form, Odoo will allow you to filter delivery carriers according to the delivery address of your customer. You can add Countries, Sates, Zip From, and Zip To details in this field.

You can add a note regarding the shipping method in the Description tab. This will be displayed on eCommerce and online Quotation.

Odoo 15 Sales Module

You can save the data by clicking on the ‘Save’ button. You can add this shipping method while creating a new quotation in the Sales module.

Next, we will discuss the analysis of sales in the Odoo Sales module.



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