Odoo 13 Community Edition


Like any other field, Notes have a huge impact on business and it is one of the essential aspects of a company operation. A clear and professional organization of data is needed for the smooth running of the business and here comes the importance of notes. In the Odoo platform, there is a separate module named NOTES that will help us for organizing our brooming business activities. It helps the users to finish off things in the simplest way. Odoo notes is a small module but can be easily integrated with other modules such as the purchase and sales module or with the human resource management module and many more.

Odoo notes module helps its users to take down their notes or ideas digitally. This type of advanced digital noting system will help to reduce the use of papers and makes it more systematic and advanced. There is no doubt that this digital noting system will reduce paper wastage. Besides these benefits, Odoo notes will also help to store the pieces of information or data within the database and it will be more helpful for future access.

To make use of this module, what you want to do first is to install the Odoo Notes Module from the Odoo application.

When you enter the notes module you can see a home window as depicted below.

Odoo 13 Community Edition Book

Here in this window, you can see different default fields like New, Meeting minutes, Notes, Todo lists, etc. You can view the data in both kanban view and list view and the list can be filtered and grouped by the default options in the window.

You can create notes in the module either by clicking the create button available on the dashboard or can create via clicking the plus icon that is the quick add button available in each stage. The option to create a new activity planner will open up and you can create a title for the note. It is an advantage for the user to easily identify the task.

Odoo 13 Community Edition Book

Now you can create notes of your own by clicking the created window. As soon as you enter this window you will get a description box as shown below where you can give a tag name.

Odoo 13 Community Edition Book

In this description box, you can furnish all the details that you want to provide. This word-like structure description box will help you to write down their notes easily and comfortably. You have all benefits like add colors or you can select the letter styles such as italics, bold, can underline words, and so on.

On the top right side of this window, you can see the options new, meeting minutes, notes, Todo by which the user can define whether the note to be a new one or minutes of the meeting, normal notes, or a to-do note.

Odoo 13 Community Edition Book

Activity scheduling is also possible on this platform. The different activities such as emails, calls, meetings, reminders, etc. can be scheduled by selecting the clock icon available under each note in the module.

Odoo 13 Community Edition Book

If you are clicking on the schedule an activity option, you will be displayed with a new window as depicted below where you can allocate an activity type, summary, due date, responsible person and you can describe your activity in the allocated space.

Odoo 13 Community Edition Book

Odoo platform allows you to schedule meetings with another window where you can describe the activity summary and you can schedule the date for the meeting by opening the calendar option available in the window.

Odoo 13 Community Edition Book

If you are selecting the open calendar option in the window you will be depicted with a new window as shown below where you can view all the scheduled activities marked under the respective date and you will be able to schedule new activities for any date and time.

Odoo 13 Community Edition Book

It is also possible to assign the participants of the activity in the window.

Odoo 13 Community Edition Book

Odoo notes module will help you to create, organize and manage all the notes without losing the important information. You can write effective meeting minutes effortlessly using the module.


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