Studio Book V17: Customizing Approval and Rainbow man


Users have the capability to integrate approval rules for buttons using the Odoo Studio module. Simply enter studio mode in the application, select the desired button – such as the "Create Invoice" button and proceed to configure the approval rules. The accompanying image below illustrates the process, showcasing the addition of an approval rule to the button along with the inclusion of a user image for enhanced customization.


The next exciting feature is the "Rainbow Man" effect, applicable to buttons in Odoo. Specifically, this effect can be implemented on the confirm button. Users can customize the display message and control the speed of the Rainbow Man effect for a visually engaging and dynamic user experience.

The following feature is the “Rainbow Man”, an eye-catching effect that can be applied to buttons in Odoo. To implement this effect on the confirm button, users need to enable developer mode. Once enabled, customization options include setting the display message and adjusting the speed of the Rainbow Man effect, enhancing the visual appeal of button interactions.


Once the Rainbow Man effect has been applied, close the Studio module and proceed to click on the Send by Email button.


In the depicted image above, the Rainbow Man effect is evident, displaying the message added through the Studio. These features showcase the application of approval rules and the dynamic Rainbow Man effect to buttons, providing users with versatile customization options for enhancing the visual and functional aspects of the Odoo platform.



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