Studio Book V17: Localization

Odoo is a globally accessible open-source software solution. Odoo has started incorporating localization tools to better serve its worldwide user base. Odoo, the greatest cloud-based ERP platform, supports localization in its accounting and other modules to better meet the needs of its customers. This ERP solution makes managing the financial position, taxes, and journal entries simple and straightforward.

We can add more information to general localization reports. Here, we'll discuss using the studio module to add a few more fields to the report for general localization.

Picking Operation Report in Delivery:

Using the studio module, we can add more details to the picking operation reports that are presently available, including the , Ordered, Reserved, and Delivered values.


For the delivery:


Suppose a product was ordered in 10 units, but only five were delivered. The picking operation reports do not provide these details. Therefore, we may use the studio module to add the requested quantity, the reserved quantity, and the completed quantity to the picking operation reports.

The Studio module in Odoo is a sophisticated customization tool that allows users to modify and extend the functionality of numerous modules, including reporting features. In this instance, users can use the Studio module to supplement picking operation reports with extra data such as the requested quantity, reserved quantity, and finished quantity.

Salary Payslips:

With the studio module, we can add details like the department, manager, work permit number, and visa number to the salary pay slip reports that are now available.


In the report, we can see :


Pay arrangements are in place. Consequently, all employees are subject to the same salary regulations. As a result, we can set up a number of pay guidelines for different contracts and workers here. Thus, under the allowance category—house rent allowance, cash benefits, non-cash benefits, internet subscription, travel allowance, etc.—and under the deduction category—pension relief, insurance relief—we can use the studio module to add a few more fields to the contract form for the salary structure.


Salary information is used to calculate the salary slip. The salary slip report now includes this comprehensive data. A sample report is provided below.


Finally, there are a few techniques for improving the information provided in conventional localization reports. The main point of contention was the use of the studio module to add more fields to the report. These new variables can be utilized to build a more comprehensive and detailed localization report, allowing for improved analysis and decision-making.



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