Studio Book V17: Fields

Odoo's drag-and-drop interface allows for effortless creation and customization of forms. Simply drag desired field buttons to their preferred locations to add text, date, selection, and other field types. By rearranging these fields, you can design a view that perfectly suits your specific needs and preferences.

  • Text: Used to represent lines of texts.
  • Multiline text: Represent multiple text lines.
  • Integer: Represents only integer number.
  • Decimal: Used to represent decimal numbers.
  • HTML : Encapsulates an html code content.
  • Monetary : Used to represent fields related to monetary information.
  • Date : Carrying date information.
  • Date & Time : Contains both Date and Time information.
  • Checkbox : It holds boolean values in use
  • Selection : Contains selection fields and selection items.
  • File : Used to handle files.Which consist of binary data.
  • Lines : Enter data as multiple lines.
  • One2many : One2many fields allow a "parent" record to be linked to multiple "child" records stored in a separate table, enabling clear and organized hierarchical data access
  • Many2one : Allowing a single child record to be linked to only one parent record.
  • Many2many : Bidirectional relationships where multiple records in one model can be linked to multiple records in another, with a separate table ensuring data consistency and efficient access.
  • Image : Users are able to add images to these fields.
  • Tags : We can add tags which are related to the record.
  • Priority : Used to set preference for the record.
  • Signature : Users are able to mark their signature.
  • Related fields : Point to another field within the same model.

Drag and drop the field item from the left side and from the properties add details like label,help,default value etc.

Overall fields are simple drag and drop concepts which make Odoo as simple and user friendly.



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