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In order to keep the employees motivated at their workplaces companies often conduct different appreciation programs. This will help to improve the working efficiency of employees. Getting appreciation from the authority for overcoming challenges and achieving the target, will make the employee more confident and committed to the work they are doing. For maintaining this working spirit in the workplace, Odoo has enabled the Badges and Challenges option in the Employee module.

Based on the performance of the employee in various operations in a company, he/she will be rewarded attractive badges. From the Configuration menu of the module, you will get access to the ‘Badges’ platform in the Odoo Employee module. As you can see in the screenshot below, the platform will show all configured Badges for the employees for their excellence in company operations.

Odoo 15 Employee

This can be viewed in List view also. Each Badge can be seen in this window separately along with a small description about it and the number of employees who got the respective badge. The ‘Grant’ option given in each badge can be used to grant that particular badge to an employee for his/her performance.

By clicking on the ‘Grant’ option, a pop-up window will appear where you can mention the employee to whom you would like to reward this badge.

Odoo 15 Employee

Also, describe what they did to get this reward and why it matters in the description box. Finally, click the ‘Grant Badge’ to reward this for the mentioned employee.

It is possible to configure new Badges in the Employee module using the ‘Create’ button given in the dashboard of Badges.

Odoo 15 Employee

In the new creation window, add a title for the badge in the Badge field. In the Badge Description file, you can add a small description of the badge. If you want to make the Badge more attractive and impressive, you can upload a suitable image for this Badge.

The Granting tab can be used to set the rules for granting the Badge. The Allowance to Grant option will define who can grant this Badge. It can be Everyone, A Selected List of Users, People Having Some Badge, or No one (assigned through challenges).

Odoo 15 Employee

By enabling the Monthly Limited Sending option, you will be able to get an additional field called Limitation Number where you can mention the maximum number of times the Badge can be sent per month. My Monthly Sending Total will show the number of times you have sent this badge in the current month.

You can add the Rewards for Challenges for getting this Badge using the ‘Add’ button given in the window. A pop-up window will appear with the list of different challenges as shown below.

Odoo 15 Employee

You can select suitable challenges from this list and configure them to your new Badge.

The Forum Badge Level will define the level of your new Badge. It can be Gold, Silver, or Bronze. You can set the Badge level according to the level of the badge.

Odoo 15 Employee

The Statistics tab will show the details about the Total number of times this badge has been received, Monthly Total, Number of Users, My Total, and My Monthly Total.

After adding all necessary information in the new badge creation window, you can now click the ‘Save’ button to save the new Badge to the Employee module.



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