CRM - Odoo 15 Community Book

Features of the CRM

Customizable Dashboard

From the home dashboard of the CRM module itself, you will get a detailed view of each of your customers and leads created in this module. You will get advanced sorting options in the module to locate the data as per your requirement such as Filters and Group By options. You can use default and customizable filters and grouping options to ease the searching process. Moreover, this field also provides you with different views such as Kanban, List, Pivot, Graph, and Calendar views.

Advanced Lead and Opportunity Management

The management of lead and its generation can be easily done within a single platform by recording the prospects and customer’s information efficiently. The Odoo CRM will allow you to add data regarding new leads one by one manually into the system as well as you can import the leads massively through the integration with other modules. The automated entry of leads in Odoo via the integration of website contact will be useful to reduce manual errors and save valuable time for the sales team.

Appointment Scheduling

The CRM module in Odoo will enable you to make appointments with your customers easily. At each stage in the lead management, you can schedule a meeting with the opposite party via call, Email, or video conference. To develop the communication and relationship with the prospects and customers of your company, scheduling appointments with them is a necessary thing. By arranging a meeting with them, you can easily convince them about the product and service you provide. After scheduling a meeting, Odoo will send an automated mail to the opposite party to remind them about the appointment. By reviewing the performance on the lead, you can schedule the next activity such as call, message, or appointment.

Integration with Sales Module

The majority of the actions of the Odoo CRM are integrated with the Sales module, which will streamline the entire process of CRM. When the lead is converted into an opportunity, you can send them quotations directly from Odoo CRM software easily. Through the integration of the CRM and Sales module, the complete management of sales orders can be done without any difficulties. From quotation to customer order CRM will act as a support system to enable effective sales management. The salesperson will get detailed information about all potential as well as existing customers interactions and concerning data in one place.

Unique Reporting System

Most of the modules in Odoo have a unique and dynamic reporting system that will help the company to analyze the processes and take necessary actions based on the analysis. Odoo will make you efficient to create reports on Forecast, Pipelines, and Activities. The accurate data generated through the Odoo CRM can be used to improve the working strategy and performance of the company to increase efficiency.


Using the Odoo CRM module, you can easily prioritize the follow-up activities in the pipeline and achieve your target easily.

Promotion of Leads

The CRM system in Odoo will enable you to send auto-generated mail to the customers in your leads thereby the company can enhance the communication with them. This opportunity can be used to promote the products and services of your company and increase the chances of converting the leads into opportunities.

Let’s discuss the management of leads in the Odoo CRM module in the following section.



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