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Helpdesk is the interface where the customer and the service or goods provider can interact. Odoo 14 helpdesk helps the customer service management wing of a firm to keep their customers happy. Odoo helpdesk helps to organize all support tickets at one place. This ensures that no ticket remains unaddressed and makes coordination effortless. Helpdesk helps to organize all tickets through a single channel. The customers can submit their tickets through email or using the fully customizable form available in your website.

For making use of this facility, you have to first install Odoo Helpdesk from Odoo Apps.

Odoo Helpdesk

On using Odoo, the Helpdesk dashboard provides you with an overview of all ticket activities. The dashboard allows you to access high priority tickets which will be starred in a quick manner. It will also help to prioritize the handling of unassigned and assigned tickets.

Odoo Helpdesk

Now, go to the configuration menu of the Odoo Helpdesk. Here, the user can configure helpdesk teams, ticket tags, ticket types, stages, SLA Policies and Activity Types.

Configure Helpdesk Team

Go to Helpdesk> Configuration>Helpdesk Teams.

Odoo Helpdesk

Here, the user can add the team name and description for customer portal and team members. Team members are those whom tickets will be assigned. You have to keep the field empty for everyone to be a part of the team.

Odoo Helpdesk

Assignation Method: Defines how to assign newly created tickets to the right person

Odoo Helpdesk

Manually: Assign Tickets Manually

Random: With random assignation all users get the same number of tickets. This ensures equal distribution of work.

Balanced: On choosing this option tickets will be assigned to the user with the least amount of open tickets.

Channels: Channels can be described as the means for customers to create tickets. Your customers can submit tickets by emails, or through a fully customizable form on your website. Tickets can even be created manually with a phone call, or with the help of live chat.

Odoo Helpdesk

To do this, you have to activate the following features.

Email Alias: This helps the incoming emails to create tickets. Here the subject line of the email and ticket will remain the same.

Odoo Helpdesk

Live Chat: By enabling this option the customers will be able to submit tickets through the live chat option. Customers can use the live chat option and seek the assistance of a live chat operator to create the ticket.

Odoo Helpdesk

Website Form: The website form helps customers submit a ticket by visiting the website

Odoo Helpdesk

Performances: In the Performances menu, a user can set up the Service Level Agreements to track performance and Canned responses (predefined answers in the mail composer). It also helps to rate tickets (Allow your customers to rate services). Activating this option will add a default email template on non-folded closing stages.

Odoo Helpdesk

Canned responses and email templates helps the user to save time on common questions.


This menu gives the option to set a help centre (A question and answer section on your website), eLearning ( This enables to share presentations and videos) and Ticket Closing facility( This feature allows customers to close their tickets when the ticket is solved).

Odoo Helpdesk

After Sales

After sales give you options like Refunds –This helps to Generate credit notes from tickets, Coupons- Generate coupons from tickets, Returns- Allow product returns from tickets and Repairs-Repair broken products

Odoo Helpdesk


A customer can submit tickets by emails, or through a fully customizable form that is available on your website. All these tickets end up in support pipeline of the company where you can drag and drop them from stage to stage to track the progress of the ticket.


Helpdesk> All Tickets

Odoo Helpdesk

To create new ticket, click CREATE button

Odoo Helpdesk

In this form the user can select the Helpdesk Team, Assigned To, Ticket Type, Set the priority, and other details.

The user can also categorize tags and assign them.

Odoo Helpdesk

After finishing the process Click SAVE to mark changes.

Odoo Helpdesk

Once the ticket is solved, then status automatically changes to solved.

Odoo Helpdesk

Enhanced Communication

In Odoo Helpdesk all communication is centralized in chatter where whole message history is recorded. So the user need not take much effort to find out what has been said and done.

Odoo Helpdesk

One can also add a log note, schedule activity to the customer from the help desk.

Ticket Types

The user can also configure Ticket Type with the help of Odoo Helpdesk module. For this, go to Helpdesk> Configuration> Ticket Type

The user can view the already created tickets here.

Odoo Helpdesk

If you want to create new ticket, click the Create Button.

Odoo Helpdesk

The user will get a new line as given above. Here, the user can add the Ticket Type.

Odoo Helpdesk

After adding ticket type, click the Save Button.


Stages indicates the status of a ticket. With the help of stages, a user can find if the ticket is new, is it in progress or has been solved. To configure stages, go to Helpdesk> Configuration>Stages

Odoo Helpdesk

Already created stages are listed in the above given image. To create a new Stage, click the Create button.

Odoo Helpdesk

Here, many fields are there.

Stage Name: Name of the stage

Team: The team responsible for handling the ticket

Email Template: Select template

Closing Stage: Enable the stage

The employee can block or make a task at any stage.

Odoo Helpdesk

SLA policies

Go to Helpdesk> Configuration> SLA Policies

You will get a window on doing this

Odoo Helpdesk

Here, you can find already created policies. If you want, you can also create new SLA policies. For this, click the Create Button.

Odoo Helpdesk

Policy Name: A name to indicates the time frame to address the ticket

Apply On

Team: The team responsible to handle the ticket

Minimum Priority: the priority with which the ticket has to be addressed

Ticket Type: The type of the ticket. It indicates whether the ticket is about a question or an issue.

Tags: The topic of the ticket


Target type: It can either be reaching stage or assigning ticketp

Reaching Stage: This indicates the status of the ticket.

Reach in: the number of days or hours that will be taken to reach the ticket

Exclude Stages: The user can also quit some stages here.

Odoo Helpdesk

If the user is selecting Assigning Ticket as target type, then

Applies to Stages: The status of the ticket

Within: The date and time within which the action has to be taken

Odoo Helpdesk


Helpdesk module helps to generate reports in an easy to understand manner. This module helps to generate two types of reports.

Ticket Analysis

This feature can be utilised by going to Helpdesk> Reporting> Ticket Analysis.

We can set different measures for ticket analysis. The measures are Colour Index, Rating Last Value, Time to Close, Time to first assignment and count

Odoo Helpdesk

SLA Status Analysis

This helps the user to analyse the SLA or Service Level Agreement Analysis. These can be analysed in spreadsheet format. The report for a particular period can be accessed easily. The tickets failed and SLA status failed can be viewed for each helpdesk team. Various measures including Day to reach SLA, Open Time, Time to close and Time to first assignment and count can be viewed.

Odoo Helpdesk


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