Odoo 14 book

Expense Management

The odoo fleet management is the advanced operational tool for the operations of a fleet of vehicles in a company. This advanced management tool is an integrated part of any Odoo platform which can be customised to operate on any operational parameters suitable for the company operations.

Expense Dashboard helps employees to submit all expense details along with soft copies of the receipts for approval. The Odoo 14 module makes all the operations including Create, Validate, Approve and Refuse simpler.


Expenses Module Can Be Installed From Odoo Apps.


You can find the Expenses Dashboard on clicking the Expense Module. Expense Date, Accounting Date, Paid by, Bill Reference, Customer to Reinvoice, Account, Unit Price, Currency, Quantity, Activities, Taxes, Total, Status along with Description, Employee detail can be listed in an organized way in the Dashboard.


Click the Configuration Menu. Then you will get a dropdown where you can select Activate Incoming Emails and Reimburse in Pay Slip.


On activating these options employees can record their expenses by sending it to the email address. The email can be sent to different departments also for processing. The Reimburse option helps the employee to get their expenses reimbursed.

Generate An Expense

Create Single expense

Expenses > My Expenses > Create


For Creating an Expense an Employee have to fill the columns. While some of the columns are optional some are mandatory.

Description: This field can be used to provide the details including reference to bill/ticket.

Employee Name: The purchased product name can be given to specify the expense type.

Paid By: The person who made the payment

Expense Date: The date on which the expense was made

Unit Price: The price of the product per unit. If the expense is travel expense, the unit price will be based on the distance travelled.

Accounting Date: The date on which the expense report is accounted

Currency: The currency used for transaction

Taxes: Taxes charged on expenses

After filling all required fields click Save to Create


The user will be navigated to a new Window after clicking Save. In the new Window you will be able to attach bills and other documents.


After attaching all required documents, one can Submit by clicking Submit To Manager tab.

After submitting the Expense Report the employee will be able to review the status of the report.

Note:-“After the submission of Expense Report by the employee, the remaining task has to be completed by the manager. The Manager is responsible for approving or refusing the report. He can also seek more documents or explanation in the form of comments.

While reviewing Status, the user can find a few status updates.

Posted: This means the Pay Slip has been Posted in the journal

Paid: This status update indicates that the payment has been made.

Approved: The expense is approved

Refused: Expense is refused

The creation and approval of Expense Report will also have to follow the same steps

Expense approval by manager

Once the Expense or Expense Report is submitted to the manager, he will be responsible to review the request.

To Approve


Expenses> Expense Reports >To Approve

The manager is able to see all the expenses and expense reports awaiting approval. He can have a view of all the requests. The manager can view the status of applications and select an application by clicking on it. Then the person can examine and scrutinize the application and take necessary action. This provisions the manager to oversee all the expenses that are awaiting approval. From the list, the manager can select a submitted expense, scrutinize it and take appropriate action.


To Post


Expenses> Expense Reports> To Post

One can find the Expense Report to Post on the Dashboard. This can be selected by a designated person and post for journal entry.


Click POST JOURNAL ENTERIES button. Then the expense gets POSTED. The status of the posted entry can be changed using the status bar. The status can be changed from Approved to Posted.

To Pay


Expenses> Expense Reports> To Pay

Select the Expense Report to pay from the listed reports.


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