Odoo 14 book


Notes are an important aspect of a company's operations as these would be used to describe, store and pass on important information aspects of the company operations. The Odoo platforms notes module helps the users to create and manage all the notes and their operations. In addition, as the aspects operate digitally there is zero waste paper generation. Moreover they are being stored in the company database which will store the data and the notes for future access.

Below image depicts the window of the home in the notes module. As you can see there are various default notes which could be generated such as minutes of meetings, general notes and todo list. The list could be filtered and grouped by the default options as well as the customisable ones in the window. Moreover the data in the window could be viewed in the kanban and list view.


In addition, to these the user can create customised note type by selecting the plus icon available in the window as depicted in the below image


To create a new note the user can simply select the create option available in the window. Upon which the user will be depicted with the window as shown in the below image. The use is provided with all the editing tools to make the note as per their description along with provisions to attach external links and media. Additionally there is provision to allocate a tag for the respective note upon which the searches could be done and the note is classified as.


The user can provide a custom made description and change the aspect of the note to be a minutes of meeting, to do list or any custom made one described by the user.


The module also provides the user to illustrate various visual parameters to the dashboard. Each note listed in the dashboard could be entitled to a colour for diversification and understandability.


Activity scheduling is another aspect of the notes module which Odoo offers. The various activities such as calls, meetings, emails etc could be scheduled under each note available in the module. To do so select the clock icon available and click on the schedule an activity option displayed


To schedule an activity the user is displayed with the window as shown below where an activity type, due date, responsible person could be selected. The detailed description on the activity could be also described.


In case of scheduling a meeting the user will be depicted with the below window where the activity summary can be described. To schedule the date the Odoo platform allows the user to do so via the calendar of the module.


On opening the calendar the user can view all the activities scheduled on the respective date and the desired activity can be scheduled as per the arrangement and the availability. The participants of the activity could also be assigned as per the need and the schedule time also could be described on the date of operation.


The notes module of the Odoo platform would help the users in the creation of notes and effective management of them thus ensuring that they are not being lost and are archived in the database for future references.


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