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Client relationship management is an inevitable part of any business operations which provide the company with gaining business opportunities and profits. Gaming new customers and maintaining an excellent healthier relationship with the existing customers will boost your company profits. The Odoo platform provides provision for both these with the advanced management aspects and tools available to conduct various Client relation operations with the potential customers and loyal ones.

The Odoo CRM comes with various advanced features of company operations which would boost up the customer turn into the company. Some of these are:

Advanced Dashboard

The Odoo CRM dashboard is the advanced home screen which provides provisional operations that deal with all the aspects of the client relationship management of the company. The data in the dashboard can be filtered, sorted out and grouped by the various default and customizable options available. In addition the viewing parameters of the Odoo platform allows the users to view the data in the dashboard under various parameters.

Activity scheduling

The Odoo platform allows the users to schedule and conduct various activities with the leads acquired to transform them into reliable customers. Activities such as meetings, calls, emails, and other custom made ones can be planned and scheduled based on the calendar.


The Odoo platform provides provision to the user to priorities the various contacts and leads available based on a starring system. This would indicate all the users of the priority or the lead and how it’s more important to act upon the respective lead initially to acquire their business.

Customize alerts

The various alerts on the leads and the business opportunities can be customized by the user to alert the employee of the ones available. These alerts can be customized based on the various parameters which are based on the business terminologies of operation.

Lead enrichment

The Odoo module provides an additional advanced option for its users to enrich their lead. This will allow the users to batting contact information of the customers based on the email ID available.

Odoo CRM workflow

The Odoo CRM is an advanced client relation management aspect of the platform which allows users to turn leads i.e. potential customers into loyal ones by conducting various activities with them and doing business. The module functions on the operations of a business in accompaniment based on sales, quotations, invoicing, payment and many more.

The Odoo CRM operations in Odoo is based on the operating principles of a pipeline operation where the data is marked on the various status of the operation it has been presented upon. Each data is marked upon the various status in which a contact or a business opportunity has been present. The status could be made and customized based on the prospects of the user.

  • The default operation describes the new ones as leads or new which can have potential business opportunities.
  • When an opportunity is available a quotation is sent on the acceptance which is turned into qualified ones after analyzing its potentials and finally a business opportunity is won.
  • Where the quotation is changed to sales order and the products invoiced and finally the payment is done.

Activities in CRM

The Odoo platform allows the users to create and schedule various activities with customers in the process of the CRM operations of the platform. The customization process of lead management and operating on them with a communication and information sharing aspects will be beneficial in the company operations.

Activity type

The user can create and configure the various activities of the CRM module in the activity type menu which can be accessed from the configuration dashboard of the CRM module.


The various activities from the available one can be edited and in need of creating a new one the user can always opt for the create option. A default description along with the various options such as default user, action, next activity trigger as well as schedule duration can be allocated.

Schedule a chain of activities

The activity type menu allows the users to add the default nest activity option which can be set to follow on the completion of the main activity, moreover they work on the basis of the description of the activities prioritized.

The activity can schedule an activity directly from the CRM dashboard with respect to each of the opportunities and leads present.

Activity tracking

Additionally, the user can view all the scheduled activity under a lead directly from the CRM dashboard. In addition, this feature of Odoo CRM allows the user to track the scheduled activity.


The new leads for the operation can be added in the CRM dashboard which would allow the user to generate themes based on the contact info and the revenue options along with the priority of each available.


Managing lost opportunities

These may be instances in which the Odoo platform has to deal with the lost opportunities of the CRM module. The Odoo CRM has separate provision for this management. The user can allocate various lost reasons for the opportunities under the lost reasons menu available in the configuration tab. The lost reasons can be created as per the user wish and can also be removed from the menu.


Inside the menu of each lead or opportunity available the user has provision to mark the lead as won, lost or delete it.


On selecting the activity as a lost one the user will be depicted with a pop up window where the reason for the loss can be selected.


As the reason for the loss of information is being allocated the lead is marked as lost under the opportunity menu. There is also provision for the user to restore the opportunity at any instance if it can be regained.


The lost opportunities in the platform can also be viewed by filtering it in the dashboard. This will allow the user to view all the lost activities. The filtering can be done based on the lost reasons to be more specific.


Lead Acquirement

Lead recruitment in the Odoo CRM is an aspect which is simplified to rescue the stress, and work of the managers and the employees of the sales team thus improving their productivity along with the company profits.

Automated lead assignation

The Odoo platform allows the users to enable the automated lead assignation of the various sales representatives of the teams which would simplify the operations for the sales managers and executives. This in turn is done based on the tag allocations done on each lead.

Lead mining

The functionality in Odoo allows the users to search and generate various leads based on the parameters such as country of operation, size of the customer company, technology used by the customer and the products produced.

Lead enrichment

The advanced feature in Odoo CRM which would deliberate the leads for the help of a single contact address. This advanced functionality allows the users to generate contacts of the leads for the email ID available. The search is conducted in the social media platforms and eternal web to attain results.

Outlook CRM extension

The new feature will allow the user to turn the mils received in the user’s outlook inbox into internal leads for the reference. In addition, these could be turned into opportunities upon acting on them.

Lead scoring

This feature in Odoo CRM allows the users to determine the analytical data on each opportunity available.


Operations on Leads

The Odoo platform allows the user to operate on the leads available rather than just scheduling activities. These options can be viewed under each lead description and can be done with respect to the need of the users and the company operation.

Send messages

This feature allows the user to send messages to the leads directly from the lead menu.

Log note

The log information on the leads can be describe and the operations which have been conducted can also be described


The various attachments in form of documents, video file and more can be attached to the respective lead containing the information on the same.

Sales team management

The business operations of the CRM can be controlled based on the sales team in Odoo. The methodology of the sales team will allow the user to have an effective management of the product sale, lead generation and customer relations.

The Odoo sales team menu can be accessed from the configuration as of the CRM module. The teams can be filtered, grouped by and sorted in the instances of a sales team search. The team details can be edited by selecting the respective one

Sales team creation

To create a new sales team the user can select the create option available. In the creation menu the user can provide a name, allocate it to quotations, pipeline operations and leads. An associated team leader can be selected along with the invoicing target if the company operates based on the sales target terminology.

Adding members to Sales team

The user can add members to the sales team by selecting the add option available under the team member’s menu. On which a pop up window containing all the contact information of all the employees will be listed out. The user also has the provision to create a new employee directly from the window.

Managing multiple sales teams

The Odoo platform allows its users to manage, monitor and control the operations of various sales teams present. The sales teams can be allocated based on the product, region of operation, quantity of the sale.


The report generation feature of the Odoo platform allows the users to generate various analytical reports functions which can be filtered, grouped by and sorted out based on the various parameters available both by default as well as the ones which can be customized.

These reports can be viewed in Kanban view, graphical view or list view.

Converting leads into opportunities

The Odoo CRM operation is based on the pipeline terminology which will indicate the users to operate based on the leads and the contact acquired. The leads in the Odoo can be generated into opportunities directly from the lead window. These leads are converted into opportunities under the agreement of the terms and conditions of the business with the customer.

In addition the above mentioned parameters of operation in Odoo for the lead generation will be beneficial injuring them to an opportunity. Their platform also provides provision for the users to turn the opportunities as lost leads or back as draft leads on the occurrence of a mishap leading to the cancellation of the business opportunity.

The lead menu can be accessed from the CRM dashboard where all the leads allocated with the company will be depicted. The user can edit each one available by selecting the respective lead. All the filtering and sorting options are available as per the ones in other windows of the platform.

Creating a lead

To create a new lead, the user can select the create option available from the lead menu. The description of the lead along with probability of acquiring it can be mentioned. The company or the customer name along with the contact details can be described in the window.


The user can enrich the lead by selecting the enrich option available if there is not much contact information at the user’s disposal. It can also be marked as lost when the lead can no longer be created to an opportunity. But on selecting to convert the lead to an opportunity the user will be displayed by a pop up window on which the opportunity can be described. There are options available for the conversion where the lead can be merged with an existing opportunity or a new creation of opportunity. The salesperson and the sales team can be allocated. On selecting to create a separate opportunity the user will be depicted with options to link the lead to the customer available.

Creating Sales quotations

As the lead is converted into an opportunity the user will now have the provisions to create quotations directly from the lead window. The leads can be marked as won or lost based on the user and the real time operations. Either way the lead will be sequenced into the respective operation which has been previously defined.


On selecting to create a new sales quotation the user will be depicted with the quotation generation window. All the required details of the customer can be provided along with the product allocation where the product on which the lead generation was completed can be added.


The quotations can be sent via email to the respective customer, by selecting the send by email option available. The window where the email can be generated is depicted by default with the email template which can be edited and modified based on the user specifications.

Scoring rules

The scoring rule methodology of the Odoo platform will allow the users to have a prioritization of the leads generated from the various sources. The scoring rules can be allocated to each of the sources based on the way of operation.

Once the score rule module is installed from the applications module of the Odoo platform the user will be able to view a new tab for the menu of scoring rules in the CRM dashboard. The user can select this menu and create a new scoring rule. The modifications on the existing ones can also be carried out. The rule name, rule type and the value of the scoring can be allocated. In addition, a domain can be allocated, these can be of multiple domains and the event based rule option can be enabled.


Generating leads/ opportunities from emails

The leads and opportunities can be generated from the emails sent by the customers. The email lead generation can be done based on the sales team operations. The respective email domains are allocated to the sales teams which will allow them to operate directly. The domain allocations can be done in the sales team menu and description options.


Generating leads/ opportunities from website

The Odoo platform recognizes the lead generation capabilities from the company websites which will allow leads to be generated based on the visitors of the company website. This advanced feature will allow the users to generate potential clients based on the client interests. For the visitors to be generated to the respective sales teams the Odoo platform provides provision to configure the settings of operation. This can be done in the settings menu of the website module. Under the communication tab the user can view the contact form information which can be allocated to a sales team and a sales person to pursue and follow up on the lead.


The contact us menu of the website can be configured in the website module of the platform. But Information provided will reach the respective sales team allocated in the


The Odoo CRM module is the ultimate operational tool which helps the users to acquire business leads, work on them and make them into loyal customers with various advanced operational tools and methodologies available.


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