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Social Marketing

Social media is an inevitable factor in the operation of a company as well as in the personal life. Social media can be of much influence as it could be a major marketing tool in the company's growth at this stage of the digital marketing era. The Odoo platform realized the need of this social media marketing and has dedicated a separate module to deal with the operations.

In order to use the special marketing applications in Odoo the user should initially install it from the applications module. As the social marketing and its additional supporting aspects have been installed the user can dive into the aspects of social marketing for the company.


Adding a stream

The user can select the add a stream content to add a social media to the platform operation. All the described social media in the platform are displayed and the user can select the respective one required.


Once the user selects the required stream the social media account is displayed in the platform and the user will be directed to the social media feed. Additionally, the feeds menu can be viewed in kanban view which will show a column being added whenever a post is generated.

Publish content

The user can publish the various contents on social media using the post. To publish a content, the user can select the new post option available in the homepage of the social marketing menu.

On selecting to add a new post the user will be directed to a window as shown below. The user can enable the push notifications function to be enabled in the company websites. All the websites are listed out here and the user can enable where the corresponding post should be displayed as a pop up notification.

The platform provides provisions for the user to attach customized messages for the post. If there is a requirement to attach images the user can also do so in the similar manner by selecting options and choosing one from the system. If the marketing is to be associated with a campaign the user can also do so and the schedule of the post can be also assigned.


Scrolling down the window the user can configure the web notifications of the post. The push notifications title, target URLs and image can be assigned and configured. The notification will be sent at the visitor’s time zone if the respective option is enabled and the matching record option is also available.


Enabling push notifications for the website

The Odoo platform permits and allows the user to create and configure the push notification to be displayed in the company website. The configuration can be done after enabling it in the company website which can be done under the settings menu of the website module of the platform.

In the settings menu of the website module under the web push notifications menu the user can enable the option. In addition, the push notifications title can also be provided along with a body, delay and an icon which can be uploaded.


Interacting with Online visitors

The Odoo platform's social marketing module allows the users to track the visitors of the company website and interact with them in the aspects of the business. This is an effective lead generation tool and provides the user to have a live interaction to demonstrate the product and the services of the company.

The visitor’s menu can be accessed from the social marketing dashboard on which all the visitors will be lifted out and the users can sort the list using the various default as well as customizable filtering as well as group by options available.

The user should have installed the live chat installed to chat with the visitors if they are online. Else the user can select to send out a text message or emails by the options available with the respective visitor listing.


On selecting to send out an email or a text message the user will be depicted with the following window. Here the emails or the text messages can be configured. The recipient details can be provided along with the subject of the email. A detailed description can provide on the business aspect and can be saved as a template for further use.


Configuring social media accounts

The user can configure social media accounts of the company to the platform in the social marketing module. This will help the users to function with these social media accounts on the various marketing as well as promotional aspects of the company.

The social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked in can be configured to the platform in the settings menu of the social marketing module.

Facebook account configuration

The user can enable the configuration option and provide in the application ID and the app secret code.

Linked in account configuration

Enable the configuration option and the user can provide the app ID and the code of the account.

Twitter account configuration

The user should initially enable the options and provide in the consumer key and the consumer secret key for the twitter account.



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