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SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the best marketing strategy to boost sales. A well-developed SMS marketing strategy can increase the percentage of penetration of the marketing campaigns to the people. The high rate of customers’ dependence on mobile phones increases is sure to improve the success rate of this strategy.

Odoo 14 SMS marketing application will help you plan, organize and schedule marketing campaigns. It will also help you keep track of the campaigns in an effective way. SMS marketing has an easy to use interface. Odoo also supports the smooth operation of SMS marketing with easy management of all its functions.

Install SMS Marketing APP from Odoo APPS When you enter the application you will find a user interface of Odoo SMS marketing.

Create SMS Mailings

For creating SMS mailings you have to go to SMS Marketing> Create


Then you will be directed to a new window as given below


In the create form you can specify the Title (What is the content of the mailing)

Another field is previous text. This helps you to search the previously given text.

In the next field Recipient, the user can add the receiver of the SMS. The recipients can be selected from mailing contacts, sale order contact, lead/opportunity or other details listed there.

Here further selection can be made based on country, black list, account payable or other contact details.

SMS content

Below the Recipient details, you will find a column named SMS content. There you can type the content for the SMS.

Below the SMS content there is an information icon. By clicking this one can find the price to send an SMS to a country. It will also help you find the number of SMS sent and other details


Settings: This feature enables you to add two more features

Responsible: Here you can add the person responsible for sending the SMS

Include opt out link: This will help you to activate a special option for the receiver. Once you check opt-out link, the receiver will be able to unsubscribe from the mailing list if he is not interested to receive the SMS.


Link Tracker: You can find this option under SMS Marketing> Configuration. On clicking link tracker, one can find the history of sent links.

odoo-sms-marketing odoo-sms-marketing
Sending by mailing

You can find a few options here

Let us look at each of the options

Put in queue: It helps to trigger mailing in next automatic run

Send now: This will allow you to send the message immediately. This option is advised when the number of recipients is low.


Schedule: It helps you to schedule the time for sending SMS

Test: This feature helps to send Test SMS

Black listed phone numbers: One can view this by clicking SMS marketing> Configure> Blacklisted phone numbers


Here, the user can add the phone number and activate it. The number in the black list can also be unblacklisted.

Visualize reports

One can get visual format of reports the following way SMS Marketing> Reporting. The user can analyse the performance of SMS mailing here. It also helps you to make use of filters to improve the analysis.


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