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The odoo fleet management is the advanced operational tool for the operations of a fleet of vehicles in a company. This advanced management tool is an integrated part of any Odoo platform which can be customised to operate on any operational parameters suitable for the company operations.

The Odoo fleet management module helps in the various aspects of accompany operations such as:

  • Vehicle management
  • Registration
  • Vehicle allocation
  • Maintaining records
  • Odometer readings
  • Repairs and services
  • Fuel log
  • Tracking

And many more aspects which would be inculcated in the fleet operation of a company. Moreover the fleet management module could be customized and drafted to be operating in the boundaries and needs of the company.

The below image depicts the home dashboard of the module which demonstrates the vehicle information on the various levels of operation in a company. The new request, to order, register, and downgrade. Moreover, the usr cna customise and design various other levels of vehicular operation in the company as per his/her needs. The list could be filtered and sorted out using various default attributes valuable and could also be customised for the user specific searches. The platform offers numerous visualization methodologies to depict the data information. The kanban view, list view and activity view is available in the dashboard.


The user can create a new vehicle in the platform using the create option.. Provide the model name, licence plate number and allocate a tag as per the requirement form the list or create a new one.

In The driver menu the user can allocate the present driver as well as the future allocation. The assignation date along with the location could also be specified.

Under the vehicle menu the user can allocate the vehicular details such as Odometer readings, chassis number and the various values mentioned.


The Odometer reading menu can be accessed from the vehicles menu of the mosule and the user can view all the odometer listings available. The menu can be viewed and filtered under various parameters which are enlisted and could also be customised for user specific needs.


The Odoo platform recognises the need for the localization and allows the users to create the various car brands as per the region of operations. Almost all the international ones are already listed in the platform by default and a new one can be created by selecting the create option available.


The user can provide the name and an image if available and save the window. Now the new manufacturer can list our cars on the platform.


Servicing is an aspect of operation which is inevitable in the case of fleet management. The module has a services window available in the vehicle's dashboard.

All the service options can be viewed in the menu. The data can be filtered and viewed in the various default settings available as well as the customised ones as per the user requirements.


In need to create a new service operation the user can select the create option available and will be depicted with the window as shown below. Provide a service description, service type, date cost and vendor. Moreover the user can allocate the vehicle and the odometer reading allocated with the vehicle, the driver is automatically described upon the selection of the vehicle.


Most of the vehicles in a company operate under contract or lease. The Contacts menu of the Odoo fleet can be accessed from the vehicles dashboard. The below image depicts the contact men of the fleet module. The various filtering options and viewing options are available as per the default options and could be customised as per the user needs.


Under the menu the user can view tabs to provide contact information. Allocate the responsible person, type, vendor, additional cost and recurring cost of the contract. The vehicle information along with the contract details on dates of operation coils also be provided. The user can directly start, cancel or close the contract form the window.


The reporting aspect of the fleet module allows the users to generate various analytical and quantitative reports as per the news of the user. Various default options and parameters are available which would help in the generation of the required reports.


The settings menu of the module provides options for the user to enable and disable the analytical reporting aspects to the fleet operations. An alert option for the ending of contact could be provided as per the dates of reminder required.


The Odoo fleet module is the ultimate management toll to operate, monitor and control all the aspects of fleet operations in a company.


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