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By: Lijin AJ

Recession-Proof Your Business With Odoo & Streamline Automation

Functional Odoo 15

If different companies still manage paper-based operations, it constitutes an inefficient and costly strategy with high-risk management. It can regenerate into highly expensive and manage your operations into many risk factors. As in this rising recession, it is always excellent to option paperless solutions to prove your business the best. It can offer automation and streamline your business operations by saving you valuable time.

The Odoo Marketing Automation enables you to perform a campaign management system that excels in automation, targeting, and generating marketing campaigns within seconds. By accompanying these facilities with Odoo, especially in a recession period, you can easily rate your business and effortlessly automates your workflows. The recession in 2022 can last for several years declared by the economists' reports can be altered with digital alternatives like implementing an Odoo ERP.

In the US, multinational companies face a recession, resulting in stagnant activity. It can be overwhelmed by implementing Odoo ERP, which has been proven with a one-stop solution in this digital phase. After a severe depletion at the time of corona, many business industries shifted to digitalized solutions. In Odoo Marketing Automation, you can advertise your business and increase marketing efficiency.

To know more about how to configure and utilize the feature of Odoo 15 Marketing Automation, you can refer to the link Detailed Insight into The Marketing Automation in Odoo 15

This blog enhances a clear idea of regaining your business outputs productively with Odoo ERP using paperless digital alternatives during the recession periods.

As technology progresses, for every challenge faced by the business fields, there will be a solution that can be tackled and defined but must change the mindset of individuals. And all should capture new technologies and must accept the drastic changes. For that, they should change their perception. The US and other European countries follow advanced technology in developed countries and can attack all those challenges quickly. To seek more knowledge on how easy to attack the upcoming difficulties with Odoo ERP, you can refer to the link given Focus Today Business with Odoo ERP and Face Tomorrow Challenges.

Let us discuss the paperless alternatives that can be used in Odoo ERP to regain your business outputs productively during the recession flood.

Document Management Software

Odoo plays efficiently in managing your documents in a digitized manner. During the storming phase of the upcoming recession in 2022 and at the time of the pandemic series, all the business customers' minds changed and altered. Odoo is a robust document management software that handles the best role during the recession phase.


In this century, Odoo placed a lot of changes and made the business run more productively and profitably, and it progressed the business into a utile way. Within a few clicks, you can access the records and documents archived in the Odoo software in a different context as arranged. And if you want to change the records in the papers, you can log into the required documents and have specific changes if the user gives you access to change. Thus the user can restrict the users from using the record's key by providing an access charge licensed to the owners. If the new versions are formed, it is automatically created and stored. So that no one can accidentally overwrite the documents, to make smoother the work ambiance if the team leader works on the document, they can leave comments spontaneously to colleagues with more ease ad make the workflow prompt and easy.

With Document Management Software (DMS) in Odoo, you can avail your daily work schedules like invoices, accounting documents, sales orders, purchase orders, etc. can be added automatically in this DMS so that you can bid adieu to the dusty files and cabinets that are stored on your shelves.

For more information about the configuration of Odoo Document Software, you can refer to the link Document Management System in Odoo 15 Document Module.

Electronic Invoicing Software

Odoo can be said to be the electronic invoicing software since it switches your invoicing system from multiple steps within a few clicks. The Odoo Open ERP serves and streamlines your business operations and functions with advanced and adaptive features. Adapting the invoice sheets to your customer usually takes multiple steps, like converting the data from spreadsheets or other ERP resources into an invoice that can be delivered within a fraction of a second with Odoo ERP. The e-invoicing services of Odoo can be maintained and connected with the billing and recipients invoice processing system.

To know in detail about preparing the customer invoices with the Odoo ERP that can enable the e-invoicing with the link given How to Create Customer Invoices in Odoo 15 Accounting. Thus by creating invoices through e-invoicing software, you can bid adieu with the manual entry, lower invoicing costs, and speeds up your cash flow without any intermittence.

Digital or E-signature


While improving your business with digital operations and software, you need to kickstart with document management software, an e-invoicing system to be biased with authentic solutions. Thus the digital signatures or e-signature must be handy in this case. A digital or e-signature is an advanced form that authenticates and synchronizes all your documents like spreadsheets, emails, PDF files, and other text files.

In Odoo, you can efficiently perform the e-signature and configure the feature for all your documents. Odoo ensures this unique feature contributes with a few clicks, saves time, and collaborates with your workflow. To know more about how to configure E-signature in your digital platform can be studied by referring to the link How digitally Authorize Documents Using Odoo 15 Sign Module

During this stagflation, you can shift your business into a digital platform, synchronize your signatures for all your documents with Odoo ERP, and transform it into an E-signature form for all kinds of businesses. The businesses can be shipping, delivery, filing, etc.

Remote Work Collaborating Software

Today all industries are implementing remote work opportunities after the huge pandemic series usually; this system originated to keep the workflow balance in all terms. Due to the economic downturn and lockdown strategies followed by the government in different countries, the US and other European countries, including India, every part of the business sector follow the remote work system software. The ongoing circumstances can keep track of the remote collaboration software with Odoo and analyze the team colleagues to boost productivity in the work system. To reduce the expenses and maintain social distancing, the remote work collaboration software (Odoo) needs to warn with the strategy and balance the society's work pattern. For that, Odoo plays a vital role to take into action for this kind of workflow. To know how Odoo performs this activity, you can refer to the blog link Remotely Manage Your Team With Odoo and Attendance Monitoring for Remote Employees With Odoo

With Odoo today, you can face office operations on your smartphone with its applications, keep access to your employees' work, and track it from anywhere.

In Odoo, various tools generate these facilities, which can be listed as in the following:-

a) Video conferencing tool


Web conferencing tools are developing the business and framing your business ideas through face-to-face communications and direct you with the exact miniature to each business type. Also, today with these tools, you can share your project, work and analyze the workflow and discuss the doubts generated with your team members. These can lead to the workflow being very much effective. Odoo ensures with its Discuss module the facility of live chat or video conferencing with your team members. To know more details about its configurations and features, follow the link Simplify Interaction with Coworker With Odoo 15 Discuss Module

b) CRM Software

In your business, the most vital part of enhancing your business is for the marketing department to close the sale, and to get enough data for each sale, you need an effective CRM tool. Odoo plays a vital role with your customers with its CRM tool. Even if your team members are from different parts of the countries can be lined up with your crew by sitting as if in each cab and doing the duty. If your company comprises a teleworking crew, you can analyze their work with this practical tool from anywhere, and the team can also sit and do the job accurately. The right CRM tool organizes your work pattern for individuals and owners to get the details. Odoo plays a vital role and gives a 360-degree view of your business and the output during the recession period. To know the brand new features of Odoo 15 CRM, you can visit the blog link Introducing Advanced Brand New Features of Odoo 15 CRM.

Also, to get the general settings of CRM, you can visit the blog General Configuration in Odoo 15 CRM.

And even to get information on managing the sales and configuration of Odoo CRM, you can refer to the link Manage Sales Team and Configure Activity Types in Odoo 15 CRM.


c) Team Collaboration Software

For most organizations, most managers face the same issues of coordinating and analyzing the work pattern or work progress of the individuals at the time of remote work. Odoo can be distributed to promote the managers with a solution to tackling as it has a team collaboration tool. It is played online and coordinates your team in your digital space, and you can consistently go through your team's work with it. To know more details about coordinating the tasks with Odoo, you can refer to the blog How to Collaborate on Tasks in Odoo also, in the other blog, you can refer to How to organize your projects with Odoo

d) File management

As discussed in the blog with the DMS, Odoo plays a vital role in file management. However, not only does the Odoo play in storing and securing your data, but it also shares your documents with the required individuals, maintains the audit trails, and maps with the workflow that improves your organization's productivity. Thus Odoo streamlines your business operations and automates your workflow.

Virtual Recruitment and Onboarding


Traditional recruiting and onboarding include a manual process of recruitment. If you automate employee onboarding and management, it will set you in detention. By overlooking the recruitment process and onboarding through automation tools like Odoo, you can achieve detention and cost savings and reduce HR man-hours. Now in 2022, due to the recession, many international companies in the US and other European countries also in the Middle East have the rise of unemployment rates increasing. Many people are wandering due to the loss of jobs, and companies cut short their employees due to the downturn of economic uncertainty.

To solve this problem, the companies must awaken to the three steps of the onboarding process to recession-proof with the strategies like automation, digitization, and personalization. These three steps make your business stand together, streamline operations, and develop a seamless transition over onboarding and hiring new employees. Thus the advantages of hiring with these steps involve saving your time and reducing the cost of hiring where the company can keep their revenue and time.

Enrolling in a virtual recruitment drive can provide digital feedback and acquire video interviews if any biases are formed. While conducting virtual recruitment drives, you can enhance other interviewers while interviewing candidates. This can be instilled with flexibility and getting the RSVP from the candidates and sending reminders and instant messages that deal with the prompt communication channels.

With this, you can understand and get more information regarding the recruitment process and onboarding with Odoo by going through the link How to Handel Recruitment Process from your Website using Odoo 15 and How is Configuration maintained in Odoo 15 Recruitment Module

While interacting face-to-face with the employees, you can improve the efficiency with the remote tools and thus acquire virtual hiring by training the staff and developing better communication with them.

Workflow Automation

With Odoo Marketing Automation, you can increase your workflow into digitally automated tasks. You can replace the paper-based and manual workflow process with Odoo and exhibit an automated platform by eliminating the errors followed by the traditional business strategy. Most industries have been confronted with digital transformation by dropping the whiteboards and other manual processes. With the evolution of digital marketing and advanced technology, people changed their business strategies. By generating the Odoo marketing automation, you can bring all your tasks into a single platform that enhances your ability to make quick decisions and convert potential leads by saving time and effort.

By going through the link, you can browse and refer to get sufficient knowledge on Configuring Odoo marketing Automation and gather how helpful it is.

Mobile Payment Transactions

After the pandemic series, companies, and other sectors are turning their mind to complete digital transformation. So people switched immediately to advanced technologies and digitalized their perceptions. Companies are struggling with mobile payment transactions or gateways that can be implemented with Odoo easily. For more details on gaining how to execute the mobile payment gateways, they can refer to the link Payment Gateway Integration in Odoo

By this, we can conclude that Odoo is the best and better business management software that delivers wide possibilities with digital evolution. It also recovers the economic uncertainty that emerged in 2022 and which switches to many years as explained by the analysts and economists. So the only solution for making your business optimize into equilibrium is the Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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