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Analytical account

The analytical accounting feature of the Odoo platform can be used to determine the financial aspects of your business such as invoicing, purchase, and the various financial aspects involved to analyze the costs and revenue. With the support of Odoo analytic accounting, you can create analytic accounts, analytic tags without having to create more accounts in charts of accounts.

The Odoo analytic accounting can be used for several purposes such as analyzing the cost of the company, reinvoicing the time to a customer, and also analyzing the performance of a service or a project. Using this feature, one can generate reports that provide insights into the transactions from a different point of view. You can easily analyze the profit and loss in each department.

The analytical accounting feature in the Odoo platform can only be used if you enable the analytical accounting option from the settings menu under the analytics tab. The image of the window is depicted below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

Now the analytic accounting option is available in the configuration tab of the invoicing module.

Odoo Community Edition Book

All the analytical accounts can be defined in this analytical accounts window and you have the provision to edit them and can create a new one by selecting the analytical accounts menu

Odoo Community Edition Book

If you are selecting the create button, you will be depicted with a new window like below where you can provide a name for the analytical account and reference, allocate customer details, and group them as projects, departments, or internal also you have the provision to create a new one by selecting the create and edit option. The window for creating the group is depicted below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

The group is where one can add multiple analytic accounts and gets the results for all these accounts. After allocating the group you can provide the company details.

So far we were discussing the feature analytical accounts in the platform and now we can discuss the analytics tags option.



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