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One of the essential aspects of a firm is developing reports on different activities and operations. A company can easily design marketing plans, understand business outcomes and trends once evaluating annual reports. The growth of the company tracks quickly with the best report management system. Below the Reporting section Odoo Recruitment, we can manage Source analysis, team performance, recruitment analysis, and source analysis. Let’s look into each reporting feature separately.

Recruitment Analysis

You can evaluate candidate recruitment in a firm by choosing the Recruitment Analysis menu inside the Reporting tab. The graphical view of Recruitment Analysis describes Source data on X-axis, and Y-axis depicts the applicant count. You can analyze the hired and in-progress data separately in a company recruitment report. By choosing the MEASURES icon, we can apply various values, including Meetings, Hired Ratio, Process Duration, and more, into the graph.

HR Recruitment

Source Analysis

Users can analyze the sources of each recruitment process in the company through a reporting feature. Choose the Source Analysis menu inside the Reporting tab, and a graphical representation opens to the user. In the Graph view, the user can acquire source details on X-axis, and the applicant’s count is viewable on Y-axis.

HR Recruitment

By clicking the MEASURE button, you can evaluate source analysis through different values. Additionally, it is easy to view graphs in pie, line, and chart formats.

HR Recruitment

Time in Stage Analysis

You can evaluate the stages of each applicant recruitment process by choosing the Time in Stage Analysis menu in Reporting. The Pivot view of Time in the Stage Analysis window depicts a pivot table that shows the total count of each stage of the recruitment process based on each job role. Users can access the total days in the stage for initial qualification, second interview, contract proposal, and first interview separately in the Pivot table. The MEASURES icon assists you in applying the count of each stage into the Pivot table.

HR Recruitment

So, you can easily analyze the recruitment procedure stages that occur in each job post.

Team Performance

Analyzing the performance of each team in your company improves productivity and workflow. Using the Reporting feature of Odoo 16, you can analyze each team's performance. By selecting the Team Performance menu in Reporting, a graphical representation is acquirable to a user. You can see the Recruiter data on X-axis, and Y-axis denotes the Count in the Graph view. Moreover, the hired and in-progress details of the recruiter are visible in different colors. You can also sort out the team performance based on applicant, meetings, hired ratio, process duration, and more once choosing the MEASURES icon.

HR Recruitment

Odoo 16 Recruitment module simplifies each recruitment procedure in a firm, such as interviews, onboarding, template generation, and hiring management. To automatize the recruitment procedure in your firm, Odoo ERP software is the best solution.



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