Odoo 16 Development Book


Odoo.sh provides different features for debugging.

Branch history

Under the History menu of a branch, you can see all the build history of the particular branch. It will display logs, merges, new commits, and database restores.

odoo Development

Mail catcher

In the Development and Staging branches, the mail servers are restricted, and they do not send real emails. If you want to test your email system before deploying new features to production, you can use the mail catcher in the Development and Staging branches. It will display all outgoing mails.

In the MAILS tab, you can see a list of all the captured mail with all attachments. The MAILS tab will only be displayed in the staging and development branches.

odoo Development

Web shell

From the SHELL tab, you can access the web shell. Here, you can access the source code, the logs, the file store, and so on. It provides all of the shell features with editors such as nano and Vim. With shell access, you can traverse between different directories and perform operations. You can also use the pip command to install Python packages.

Sometimes you need to restart the server or update the module from the shell. You can use the following command in the shell to restart the server:


To update the module, execute the given command in the shell:

Odoo-bin -u my_library --stop-after-init

The previous command will update the my_library module. If you want to update multiple modules, you can pass module names separated by a comma.



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