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Head Less Test

Headless browser testing is the course of running program tests without using the program's UI or GUI. Headless program testing allows the analyzer to accurately and effectively perform cross-program testing without requiring a program to test the application. In a continuous integration environment, this testing technique is useful for testing because no one notices visual elements, so continuous testing scales effectively.

This kind of program can approach all pages, and without showing them to the client, this program can move the site's page content to another program. The client screen is blank when the headless program starts because the headless program runs as expected in the backend. The execution of the two programs is dissimilar, but the headless program is able to deconstruct and interpret her web pages. This allows headless programs to convey the perspective of the actual program without allocating memory or performing costly experiments with the actual program GUI.

The purpose of using headless programs and running headless tests is to be faster than regular programs. It doesn't open the GUI of the program, so the time it takes a normal program to stack CSS and JavaScript and render HTML is negligible. Headless tests scale execution 2x to 15x faster. If the presentation is the primary perspective of your test system, a headless program may be the best approach.

List Of Browsers supports Headless Test

Headless Chrome

Odoo uses headless Chrome to run JavaScript test cases and tour test cases. Headless Chrome is a way of running Chrome without a full user interface. With that in mind, you can run your JavaScript test cases in an environment similar to end-client. We will introduce Headless Chrome and different bundles to run JavaScript test cases.

Chrome versions 59 and higher support headless mode. Brings all the latest highlights of Web Stage to the command line, powered by Chromium and the Blink rendering engine. Headless Chrome allows you to take screenshots, create PDF files of website pages, and edit correspondence with website pages.

Headless Firefox

For Firefox 56 and above, Mozilla Firefox offers headless testing. Developers can now interact with Mozilla's built-in APIs to run Firefox in headless mode and test different test cases rather than emulating a browser environment using several different devices. Headless Firefox utilizes Selenium, SlimmerJS, and W3C WebDriver.

The majority of analyzers utilize Selenium as their preferred API for controlling headless Firefox. However, each analyzer is free to choose its own API and comfort for creating and running crucial unit tests.


PhantomJS is a headless browser scriptable with a WebKit-based JavaScript API. It can be used for screenshots, page automation, network monitoring, rendering dashboard screenshots to users, running unit tests on the command line, and gathering information from the web. However, PhantomJS maintenance has been discontinued.

Google Puppeteer

The headless browser Puppeteer is a node library. Provides a significant level of API for controlling headless Chrome or Chromium via the DevTools protocol. You can also change to use full (non-headless) Chrome or Chromium.


It is a "GUI-less program for Java program." It displays HTML entries and provides an API for building pages, completing structures, and clicking links, just as you would in a "typical" program.


Splinter is a headless program powered by Python. It is public and used to test web applications in Python. For example, it can be used to robotize browser actions such as accessing a URL or collaborating with a Thing.


Programmable and embeddable internet browser driver compliant with the Selenium WebDriver specification - Headless, WebKit-based, Java.



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