Odoo 14 book

Inventory adjustments

The inventory operations of a company may not be always in the right track; the descriptions and rules set on operation may be effectively workable in the theoretical perspective but in the operation of a real time these rules and operational principles may need to be altered to have an efficient and productive methodology of operation at certain instances. The inventory adjustments in Odoo will allow the users t have the right amount of units being mentioned in the specific locations corresponding to the physical data present in the company warehouse.

Update quantity

Updating the quantity option can be seen in all the products which are stable and this advanced feature will allow the users to update the number of units or product quantity straight from the product window.

Odoo v14 Book

On selecting to update the quantity the user will be depicted with the menu where he/she can modify the number of units available with respect to the actual physical stock. In the quantity updation menu the user can select the warehouse, owner, the on hand quantity, available units and the value associated with it.

Odoo v14 Book

On updating the quantity the product on hand stock in the product menu is changed to the respective value which has been updated.

Odoo v14 Book

Inventory adjustments for multiple products.

The platform also provides provision to the users to manage and create the inventory adjustment operations with respect to multiple products based on the warehouse or the stock rack of the company. This smart tool helps the users to update the qualities and do direct modification operations on the products available. The inventory adjustments menu can be accessed from the operations tab of the inventory module. In the menu the user can view all the inventory adjustment operations which have been initiated.

A new inventory adjustment operation can be created by selecting the create option available. In the creation menu the user can provide the inventory reference name, locations from the list of inventory locations specified in the platform, products which should be allocated in the inventory operations, accounting date and the counter quantities operation.

Odoo v14 Book

If the verification and the user's decision to start the inventory adjustment operations the star inventory option can be selected. On which the user will be directed to the inventory lines menu as specified in the inventory adjustment. In case there is a new product or adjustment required not as specified by the user the Odoo platform will add the respective inventory line. The inventory adjustment can be validated by clicking the validate inventory option available.

Odoo v14 Book

If there is a misalliance with the on hand quantity and the updated quantity the Odoo platform will highlight the inventory line in red colour which will be clarified upon the inventory validation.



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