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Units of measure

The units of measure terminology in Odoo will describe the users on the qualifying unit in which a product can be measured. These units vary from product to product. For example, liquids are always measured in liters or ounces, whereas solids in kilogram, numbers, pounds etc. The Odoo platform enables the users to create and manage various units of measure in the platform. Moreover, multiple units of measure can be assigned to a product to describe the units of measure.

In Order to use the units of measure terminology into the platform user should initially enable the units of measure option in the settings menu. From the settings menu itself the user can navigate to the units of measure menu.

Odoo v14 Book

The units of measure menu can be filtered and sorted out using the various attributes available by default and the customization options available. The unit of measure is also a localization aspect of the Odoo platform allowing the users to measure the quantities based on the localization rules of the business operation.

Odoo v14 Book

The new unit of measure can be created using the creation menu available. The unit of measure can be described, category of operation, type, localization taxation rules and the rounding precision can also be allocated.

Odoo v14 Book

Assigning units of measure to a product

The units of product can be assigned to a product on which the operation can be configured. Under the product description tab of each product the user can assign the respective unit of measure from the ones described in the platform. The purchase units of measure can be different that of the company described one which can be straightened out upon replenishing.

Odoo v14 Book

Unit of measure transfer from one unit to another

The purchased products unit of measure will not be the same as that of the company described or scaled ones. This difference will create an issue in the inventory operation. But the Odoo platforms replenish options available will tackle the issue. To illustrate the auto replenishment option available in Odoo for the unit of measure aspect a purchase quotation can be created. Under the purchase module a new RFQ is created for a product with a different unit of measure than the one described in the platform. To further illustrate the unit of measure for the white board pen as per the platform description is in Units. While the RFQ is described based on dozens. The quotation is used to the vendor and the order is confirmed.

Odoo v14 Book

Upon confirming the order the products are received in the receipt window upon verification. The product quantity is validated and the units of measure under the product description are changed into the corresponding units based on the ones described in the RFQ description.

Odoo v14 Book


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