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One of the main features of the Odoo platform is the reporting functionalities it brings into a company. The platform allows the users to create various analytical, graphical and descriptive reports on various aspects of the company operation. So as in the case of the Odoo inventory module where the various reports can be generated based on default as well as customizable sorting functionalities available in each reporting functions.

Warehouse analysis

The warehouse analysis reports allows the user to generate the analytical data in the form of charts and graphs. The reports can be viewed in pie charts, line graphs and bar graphs. These are various customizable and default filtering and group by options available.

Odoo v14 Book

The kanban view of the warehouse report can be viewed by scrolling the analytical reporting page down. Which is equipped with all the filtering as well as group by functionalities.

Odoo v14 Book

Inventory reports

The inventory reports of the Odoo platform will provide information on all the inventory products available. The product moves, the financial aspects and many more. The reports can be viewed in list, pivot and kanban view. The pivot view as depicted below will provide an analytical data which can be exported to other mediums via excel file. The filtering as well as the group by functionalities allow the user to measure the report operation based on the company perspectives.

Odoo v14 Book

Forecasting reports

The Odoo platform, another advanced feature, is based on the forecasting capabilities which will allow the users to determine and predict the product operations. The Odoo also generates forecasting reports which will be based on the various forecasting operations conducted in the inventory, sales, purchase and manufacturing operations of the company. Like any other reports of Odoo the various sorting , filtering and group by functionalities are available which will be of greater use to the company operations.

Odoo v14 Book

Inventory valuation

The Odoo platform allows the users to conduct the various inventory valuation of the company warehouses and inventory operations. In addition, the platform allows the user to generate the valuation report for the reference and recording purposes for the future as well as the percentage in a company operation. The all advanced features of Odoo reporting are available in this inventory valuation report generation.

Odoo v14 Book

Product moves

The Odoo platform analyses and records all the product movement operations not only the ones which are completed but also the initiated ones. The report generation capabilities of Odoo allows the users to generate the reports based on these product moves operations. The Odoo report generation advanced functionalities are available and wheel will be helpful in the data deduction aspects of the company form the reports on product moves conducted with in out house operations with respect to the company.

Odoo v14 Book


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