Odoo 14 Community Edition

Manage Manufacturing with Routings and Work Centers

Odoo allows the multi-stepped manufacturing method with routings and work centers. This is the advanced method when compared to the single-step method and it will make possible the configuration of a detailed manufacturing process with the setting up of Work centers, Routing, and Work order management. The first step for accessing this feature is to go to settings and activate the Work Orders option in settings.

Manufacturing -> Configuration -> Settings -> and check the box near the option Work Orders available under the Operations tab. Now you can save the changes by selecting the Save button available. Now you can create a new manufacturing order by taking the route Manufacturing -> Operations -> Manufacturing order.

Odoo Community Edition Book

The work order operation allows you to create and manage the manufacturing operations that should be followed within your work centers in order to produce a product. They are attached to the bill of materials that will define the required components. For accessing the Work Centers option, you can either select the arrow near the work centers option available in the settings or can go to Manufacturing -> Configuration -> Work Centers.

Odoo Community Edition Book

The image of the Work Centers window is depicted below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

In this Work Centers window, you are able to view all the Work Centers defined in the platform. We can create a new one by selecting the Create icon available in the window.

Odoo Community Edition Book

Here in this window, you can provide the Work Center Name along with the Alternative work centers that can be substituted for this one in order to dispatch production. Also, you can submit the code, working hours, and company information.

Under the General Information tab, you have to fill in the Production information and Costing Information. We can discuss each option below.

Time Efficiency: time efficiency option is helpful for calculating the expected duration of the work order at this work center. This means if a work order takes one hour and the efficiency factor is a hundred percent, then the expected duration will be one hour. If the efficiency factor is two hundred percent, the expected duration will be 30 minutes.

Capacity: capacity describes the number of pieces that can be produced in parallel. In case the work center has a capacity of five and you have to produce ten units on your work order, the usual operation time will be multiplied by two.

OEE Target: It is the Overall Effective Efficiency Target in percentage.

Time before Prod: It is the time in minutes before the production required for the setup.

Time after Prod: This is the time in minutes needed for the cleaning after completing the production.

Apart from these options you also have to specify the cost of the work center per hour under the option Cost per hour. Moreover, you can add a description of the work center in the allotted space.

So far we were discussing the Work center option available in the platform and now let us move on to the next part configuration of routings.



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