Odoo 14 Community Edition

Unit of Measure

When dealing with the different types of products, the unit in which the product is measured also needs to be different. In the case of solid products, they can be measured in kilograms, grams, pounds, or numbers. But in the case of liquids, it is always measured in litters or ounces. So it is important to use different units of measure for different products. The Unit of Measure aspect available in the Odoo platform allows you to create and manage various units of measure and also provides the provision for describing multiple units of measure for a product to define the units of measure.

In order to operate with this feature, first, you have to activate the unit of measure option from settings. For that you can go to Inventory -> Configuration -> Settings -> Products -> Units of Measure.

Odoo Community Edition Book

For activating this option, you can check the box near the option and save the changes by selecting the Save icon available. Now it is possible to go to the unit of measure menu directly from the settings. Also, you can access the window by taking the route Inventory -> Configuration -> Unit of Measure. The image of the window is depicted below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

The data in the Unit of Measure window can also be filtered and sorted out using various options available by default as well as the customizable options available. The Odoo platform considers this feature as a localization aspect and it gives the insight to measure the quantities based on the localization rules of the business operation. In this window, you can view all the units of measures defined in the platform along with the Category and Type. You can also create a new one by selecting the Create icon available. The image of the creation window is depicted below.

Odoo Community Edition Book

In this creation window, you can describe the Unit of Measure along with the Category of operation. Conversion between units of measure can only occur if they belong to the same category. The conversion will be made based on the ratios. In addition, you can allocate the Type and disable or enable the option Active. Finally, the Rounding Precision can also be allocated.

So far we were discussing the configuration of different units of measure in the Odoo inventory module.

Assigning Units of Measure to a product

The Unit of Measure can be assigned to a product at the time of product configuration. In the product description window, you can view the option Units of Measure and there you can assign the respective unit of measure from the ones defined in the platform.

Odoo Community Edition Book

Now let us discuss the product packing window available in the Odoo platform.



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