Odoo 14 Community Edition

Product Management

The Odoo platform offers you an efficient product management tool that will allow you to define the products, product variants, and all other aspects related to the product. The product menu in the purchase management module can be accessed from the product tab available in the home dashboard of this module.

Now let us discuss how to create a product on the platform.

Product creation

By selecting the product menu in the home dashboard you will be depicted with a product window as shown below.

Odoo 14 Purchase

In this window, you can view all the products described on the platform. All the default, as well as customizable options such as filters, group by, and favorite search, are available as in all other menus in the platform. Moreover, this list of products can be viewed in both List and Kanban view. In addition, you also have the Activity view. The activity view is used to display an overview of all activities related to the respective product. In this window, the activities will be shown in a table where the rows are used to record activities and columns mark the different activities. The image of the View activity window is depicted below.

Odoo 14 Purchase

Now back in the product window, you can create a new product in the platform by selecting the Create icon available on the top left corner of the window. The image of the creation window is depicted below.

Odoo 14 Purchase

In this product creation window, you can provide a name to the product first. Then you can specify whether the product can be sold, purchased, or it can be selected at an expense. In addition, you can view the smart buttons available which will allow you to go to the company website, the product moves menu, the bill of materials menu if it is a manufactured product, put away rules defined, units purchased menu, units sold menu, Digital files menu. Additionally, you can provide an image of the product in the allotted space.

Under the General Information tab, you can define the Product Type as consumable, storable, or service product. The Product Category can be allocated using the dropdown menu available. You also have the provision to create a new one using this dropdown option. The Internal Reference field can be specified as per the company specifications. Additionally, the platform supports the barcode operation that can be effectively established on the product by defining it in the product menu.

The Sales Price is the price at which the product is sold to customers can be provided along with the extra prices allocated and the default Customer Taxes used when selling the product. The Cost of purchase can be specified in accordance with the vendor bill. Moreover, the company can be mentioned if the platform is operating with multi companies. Apart from these options, you can also define the default Unit of Measure used for all stock operations along with the Purchase Unit of Measure. It must be in the same category as the default unit of measure.

Under the Variants menu, the product variants for the respective product can be allocated. This can be done by selecting the Add a line option available.

Odoo 14 Purchase

In the Sales tab of the product creation window, you can mention the Invoicing policy on which the product should be invoiced based on the ordered quantity or the delivered quantity. Also, the Re Invoice Expenses can be described in accordance with the company policy. With this option, a validated expense can be reinvoiced to a customer at its cost or sales price. Moreover, you can specify the Email Template for sending a product-specific email once the invoice is validated. The Optional product can also be mentioned based on the requirements and it can be suggested whenever the customer views add to cart. Additionally, a description of the product that you want to communicate to your customers can be described in the Sales Description box available. This description will be copied to every sale order, delivery order, and customer invoice.

Odoo 14 Purchase

The eCommerce description of the product can be made under the eCommerce tab of the product creation window. Under this menu, you can describe the website information if the platform is operating on a multi-website option. Then you can allocate the Website Sequence along with the Categories of operation. Moreover, Alternative Products and Accessory Products can be mentioned.

Odoo 14 Purchase

Under the Point of Sale tab, you can enable the option Available in POS for appearing the product in the point of sale.

Odoo 14 Purchase

In the Purchase tab of the Odoo product creation window, you can provide various purchase details. First, you can mention the Vendor information. This can be described by selecting the Add a line option available in the menu. Under the Procurement field, you have two options.

  • 1. Create a draft purchase order: Based on your product configuration, the system will create a draft purchase order.
  • 2. Propose a call for tenders: If the purchase requisition module is installed and this option is selected, the system will create a draft call for tender.

The vendor bill description can also be described with the fields such as Vendor taxes and the Control policy of the bill generation in the platform. Additionally, you can provide a custom-made purchase description of this particular product.

Odoo 14 Purchase

Now let us move to the Inventory tab of the product creation window. Under this tab, all the inventory aspects of the particular product can be allocated. The Route operations of the product can be allocated. The logistics operations needed for the respective inventory operation can be mentioned such as the Responsible person and he/she will be responsible for the next activities related to logistic operations for this product. The Weight and Volume of the product can be allocated along with the Manufacturing Lead Time and Customer Lead Time. In addition, under the counterpart locations you can define the Product Location and Inventory Location.

Odoo 14 Purchase

Moreover, you can give the different ways to package the same product under the Packaging menu. This can be done by selecting the Add a line option available.

Odoo 14 Purchase

On selecting the Add a line option, you will be depicted with a pop-up window as depicted below where you can provide the package type, quantity of products contained in the package along with the barcode, and company details.

At last, the Accounting details of the respective product can be defined under the Accounting tab available in the platform. Here the financial operations of the product can be described both in terms of receivable and payable aspects.

Odoo 14 Purchase

So far we were discussing the Product window and how to create products in the Odoo Purchase module and now let us discuss the Product Category window of the purchase module.



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