Odoo 14 Community Edition

Vendor Management

The Odoo Purchase module allows effective vendor management which helps organizations to manage costs and take away the risk factors associated with vendors. The Vendors described in the platform can be accessed by selecting the Orders tab of the module. For that, you can go to Purchase -> Orders -> Vendors . The image of the window is depicted below.

Odoo 14 Purchase

In this window, you can view the list of vendors described in the platform along with their details. This menu can be viewed in both Kanban and List view. Moreover, the data available in the window can be filtered, sorted out using the various customizable options available. It is also possible to create new vendors using this window. This can be done by selecting the Create icon available. The image of the creation window is depicted below.

Odoo 14 Purchase

In this vendor creation form, you can allocate the Vendor Name, and also mention it as an Individual or Company. Then you can provide the Company Address and the Tax Identification Number. After that, you can provide the contact details of the company such as Phone and Mobile number along with the Email ID. Additionally, you can describe the Website Link and the Tags

Under the Contacts & Addresses tab, you can add the respective address and the details by selecting the Add button.

Odoo 14 Purchase

Now let us have a look at the Sales & Purchase tab of the vendor creation form. Here you can provide the sales details such as Salesperson, the internal user in charge of this contact. Allocate Delivery Method which is the default delivery method used in sales orders. Also, you can specify the Sales Team, Payment Terms, and Pricelist. Under the Purchase details, you can define the Payment Terms, Payment Methods, Receipt reminder, and the Supplier currency options of the module. Moreover, you can use a Barcode to identify this contact. This can be allocated under the Point of Sale operation. Additionally, the Fiscal position can be mentioned under Fiscal information. The Miscellaneous information such as Reference details, Company, Website and the Industry can be described. At last, the Inventory details such as Customer Location, Vendor Location, and Subcontractor location can be allocated.

Odoo 14 Purchase

The invoicing aspect of the vendor can be defined under the Invoicing tab of the respective vendor. The bank account of the vendor along with the bank details and the account number can be described by selecting the Add a line option available. Also, the Accounting Entries operation for the Account Receivable and Account Payable chart of accounts can be allocated.

Odoo 14 Purchase

Under the Internal Notes menu of the vendor, you can provide a vendor description as Internal notes. Moreover, Odoo allows you to raise warnings on the Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoice, and Picking. This warning lets you block messages or raises warnings on purchase orders based on a vendor or a product. If you have any issues with a vendor, you can raise warnings using this feature. You can also block a particular product by giving a blocking message.

Odoo 14 Purchase

Now let us move on to the Vendor Pricelists aspect of the module.

Vendor Pricelists

One of the important tasks for vendor management software is to set the pricelist for the different products available and are supplied by each vendor. In the Odoo purchase module, you can access the vendor pricelist menu from the configuration tab of the purchase module.

Purchase -> Configuration -> Vendor Pricelists.

The image of the Vendor Pricelists window is depicted below.

Odoo 14 Purchase

In this window, you can view a list of all the Pricelists described in the platform along with the details of the Vendor of this product, Product information, Currency, Company, Quantity, Unit of Measure, and the Price for purchasing the product. Moreover, the data in the window can be viewed in both List and Kanban view, and also the details can be filtered, sorted, and grouped on the basis of different conditions of operations.

You also have the provision to create a new vendor pricelists by selecting the Create icon available. The image of the creation window is depicted below.

Odoo 14 Purchase

In this creation form, you can provide the Vendor details, allocate the Vendor Product Name along with Vendor Product Code. Moreover, you can assign the Delivery Lead Time. After that, you can define the Pricelist details such as Product, Product variant, Quantity, Unit Price, Validity, and Company. After providing the data, you can save the details by selecting the Save icon available.

As we are clear on Vendor Pricelists and now let us have a look at how to create requests for quotation and purchase order in this module.



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