Odoo 16 Studio Book - Reports

Reporting is one of the excellent tools and features available on the Odoo platform. With Odoo, you will be able to generate reports on the various operations of your business. So how can reports be useful for a business? Developing a business report will help managers analyze various aspects of business performance, which will allow them to understand the volume of operations. Moreover, it will also help you to customize your operating system based on the generated reports. Odoo Forum supports the development of support reports with predictable features of various business functions.

Since Odoo is a custom forum, you can define your business according to your performance needs when developing the platform. An Odoo development service provider will be able to understand your business needs and improve your Odoo platform in terms of managing the business activities you have set up. Odoo is an open-source ERP solution that can be customized according to your needs; however, the standard Odoo operating system and procedures will remain the same.

Odoo Studio is another application available on the Odoo platform that helps you customize certain features of the platform to suit your needs. With Odoo Studio, you will be able to create new applications and modules that have features to work according to your needs. In addition, you can easily bring tasks and options to the programs you have created with the Odoo Studio module. Studio's no-code method of app development gives you active blocks that can be dragged, dropped, and reconfigured to suit your needs.

Report Customization is an advanced feature of Odoo Studio that provides you with dedicated tools and feature options to customize various features. Although the Odoo platform is well-versed in generating accurate reports on company performance, the customized generation of various reports and data provides additional flexibility in managing company performance. Today, the Odoo Studio module is available in the business plan to help you design and build advanced workstations and platforms without using code to help you bring better performance to your business operations.

With Odoo Studio, we can bring custom aspects to various modules that work by default, or we can create new modules for custom functionality. In case you create a new module using the Studio module, you will need to configure the reporting features by selecting the Reports menu that will appear in the next window, as shown in the image below.

odoo-studio odoo-studio

In conclusion, Odoo Studio offers the flexibility to customize existing modules or create new ones for specific functionalities. When creating a new module using the Studio module, configuring the reporting features is necessary. This can be done by selecting the Reports menu, as depicted in the accompanying image. By leveraging Odoo Studio, businesses can tailor their Odoo implementation to meet their unique requirements and enhance the overall user experience.



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