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The Reporting feature offered by Odoo is one of the most advantageous features available in any ERP system that helps us to understand the overall performance of a module. Using the Reporting menu in the CRM module, you can effectively analyze the CRM operations on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. The result gleaned through such reports will be helpful to take necessary actions to enhance the productivity of the company better than in earlier times. Odoo offers the reporting of Dashboard, Forcast, Pipeline, Leads, Activities, Partnerships, and Lead Generation views.


The Dashboard reporting in Odoo encompasses the reports of all main operations in the CRM module. From a single window, you can effortlessly examine the overall operations managed in the module. As you can see in the image given below, the dashboard reporting window includes the reports in the form of graphical as well as pivot tables in the same window. It is easy to shift the view between Pivot, Graph, and List using the corresponding options given in the top right corner of the screen.

The dashboard report view can be observed in full screen using the Show Full-Screen option given on the right side of the screen. The graphical view itself includes various types of representations such as Pie Charts, Line Charts, and Bar Charts. The screen shows the total number of leads/opportunities, % opportunities, days to convert, days to assign, days to close, expected revenue, expected MRR, prorated revenue, and prorated MRR. You will be able to observe the pie diagrams of the Sales Teams and Medium of lead generation under the line chart. Apart from this, the line chart and bar chart can be arranged based on the ascending and descending patterns.

odoo-crm odoo-crm

The graphs and pivot tables can be generated based on certain measures available on the Reporting platform.


As you can see in the screenshot above, you can select suitable measures from the given options such as Days to Assign, Days to Close, Days to Convert, Exceeded Closing Days, Expected MRR, Expected Revenue, Prorated MRR, Prorated Revenue, and Recurring Revenues, and Count. Based on the measure you select, the appropriate report will be generated on the screen.

You are allowed to use customizable sorting tools to improve the reporting of CRM-related activities.


As you can see in the image above, the Group By option includes some advanced sorting options that help you to group the available data based on Salesperson, Sales Teams, City, Country, Company, Assigned Partner, Campaign, Medium, Source, Creation Date, and Closed Date. You can also use the Add Custom Group button to create new group options as per your requirements.


You can effortlessly filter the data based on My Activities, Unassigned, My Assigned Partners, Lost, Creation Date, Closed Date, Late Activities, Today Activities, Future Activities, and Archived filters. Using the Add Custom Filter option, you can customize required filters easily.


Another advantageous feature available in the dashboard reporting platform is the Comparison tool. Using this option, you can compare the existing data with the previous year or period.

The graphical and pivot table can be easily added to a spreadsheet using the Insert in Spreadsheet button.


Once you click on this button you will be able to get a pop-up window to select a spreadsheet to insert your graph or pivot table.


You can specify the name of the graph/table in the given space and select a suitable spreadsheet from the given options. After this, you can click the Confirm button which will generate a spreadsheet in your documents with the details included in the selected graph or table.


The reports of the upcoming revenues can be analyzed with the help of the Forecast reporting feature available in the Odoo CRM module.


This platform can be viewed in Kanban, Graph, Pivot, and List views. Using suitable measures, groups, and filters, you can improve the forecast reports.


The Kanban view will provide the forecast report for each month separately. You can observe the prorated revenue of each month in this view.

Pipeline Analysis

The analysis of all pipeline activities can be observed using the Pipeline Analysis option available under the Reporting menu of the Odoo CRM module.


Leads Analysis

The reports of all leads generated through various platforms can be examined using the Leads reporting platform in the Odoo CRM module. Using the advanced reporting tools, you can effectively analyze the leads in the module and take suitable decisions to improve the lead generation operations.



The Activities option in the Reporting menu will help you to get the reports of all scheduled as well as completed activities in the Odoo CRM module.



The Partnerships Analysis platform available under the Reporting menu will display the graphical representation of the financial turnover with your partner. You can also generate reports of the opportunities generated with the help of partners using the corresponding option from the Measures .


The efficient Odoo CRM module will assist you in managing leads from the time of generation from various mediums to conversion to successful sales orders. If you are searching for a dedicated software solution for the management of leads and opportunities, then Odoo CRM is the best solution for your business.



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