Odoo ERP An Overview

The management of the business operation has turned to the business management software solutions which have been established with the introduction of the aspects of digitalization as well as connectivity in the world. Today there are numerous solutions available under the label of business management solutions providing users with advanced operational capabilities. Enterprise and resource planning software solutions are a prominent category of business management solutions that have been used all over the world. The ideology of complete control of business just as used in the ERP solutions was established long before the development of the solutions. Moreover, with the introduction of digitalization, the ideology was developed into a software model which paved the way for the business management solutions that are available today.

Odoo is one of the prominent business management solutions with complete functionality falling under the ERP classification label. Established in the first decade of the century as TinyERP by Fabien Pinckaers who is currently the CEO of the company. After it was relabeled as OpenERP as the platform was developed into an open-source platform. In the year 2014, Odoo version 8 was released which was the base for the current platform of Odoo available. From the year 2014, Odoo has been releasing a new updated version every year and currently, we have Odoo version 16 which is the most advanced and fastest Odoo ever to be released. The next updated version of Odoo the Odoo 17 is on its way to be released in the final quarter of the year during the Odoo Experience meet 2023.

Although started as a small establishment Odoo has grown to be one of the most prominent companies in the world. Odoo has over 2550+ partners who are experts in developing and implementing Odoo and other Odoo alleged services. With the prime product, Odoo named after the company itself has been spreading its operational wings all around the world. Thanks to its dedicated infrastructure as well as the dedicated operations capability used in over 100+ countries and over 12 million users all over the world. One of the key aspects which make up for the widespread popularity among businesses all over the world is the open-source infrastructural design which has provided various developers to contribute. In addition, this has led the system to be a customizable software solution helping businesses to define the platform in the way they need for the operation.

Another notable feature of Odoo is that of its craft which is being designed with a modular structure providing you with dedicated modules of operation where each distinctive module that is available by default will add up to the application functionality of operation. These distinctive modules such as Accounting, Sales, Purchase, CRM, Inventory, Field Services, Marketing Automation, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Project, Planning, and many more are application-driven functional tools. Moreover, these modules are interconnected in operations which will provide you with one centralized operational functionality. The aspects of interconnection can be configured with the help of various options available in each of the modules to provide you with full control over the data flow. Additionally, with a centralized approach to operations with one central single database as well as a central inventory management system, you can have complete control of your business from one single platform.

Odoo is supported by the Odoo community since it's an open-source business management software. The Odoo community consists of official Odoo partners, Odoo consults, Odoo developers, and all other people using Odoo as well as supporting it. In case of requirements for any Odoo-related services, you need to approach official Odoo partners and choose the best among them. Cybrosys Technologies the leading Odoo partner will be able to provide you with a complete and expert service regarding your Odoo needs.

Custom functionalities are not available in Odoo and developing them for the platform will take up time therefore, there is a collection of applications developed by the Odoo community under the Odoo Apps Store. Here the applications developed will perform custom operations as per the application description which can be installed in your platform and used. The application should be downloaded based on the version of the Odoo platform that you hold as certain applications will be only operable in certain versions of Odoo. Odoo is available in two editions: The Odoo community edition as well as the Odoo enterprise edition. On the one hand, the Odoo community edition can be coined as a basic Odoo and can be used with minimum functionality. Furthermore, major customizations are not possible with it. On the other hand, the Odoo enterprise edition is the advanced edition of Odoo where major customization at development, as well as the implementation of distinctive Odoo apps, can be done.

As of now, you will be having a clear overview of the Odoo platform. Let us now move on to understanding the installation and hosting aspects of the Odoo platform in the next section.



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