Localization the Best Feature of Odoo

Odoo is a highly advanced and user-friendly ERP solution that is available for business operations and today it has been used in all parts of the world as the company management software. The dedicated infrastructure, as well as the operational capability, is the reason for the widespread adoption of Odoo by various business establishments. Another aspect that Odoo puts forward or holds as a feature is the localization aspects of Odoo, perhaps it can be said as the main and the best feature of Odoo helping the business organization to run the business as per their region and country of functioning.

With the localization element of the Odoo platform, you will be able to define the taxes based on the country in that you operate in. The Odoo Accounting module will help you to define the taxes and configure the various tax forms such as Sales tax, Purchase tax, Service tax, GST, VAT, Cess, and many more based on the region. The Accounting module of Odoo has a distinctive menu window where these configurations can be configured. Another aspect that is regarded as the localization aspect is the currency in which the business is conducted and the Odoo platform helps you with defining a base currency based on the country which is being selected upon the configuration of Odoo.

Furthermore, the Odoo supports the operations of the business to run with multiple currencies which will be helpful for the functioning of multinational organizations. In addition, the invoice and bill generation will be based on the practices followed by the country or the region, and the companies functioning over there should be able to adapt to this methodology. With the Odoo platform, you will be able to define the various constraints and attributes of the invoice and save them as templates to be further used in the future. The localization aspect can also be seen in other modules of Odoo such as the purchase management module where the product description and purchases can be done based on the government norms and the authorization provided by the concerned authority regarding the purchase. Similar aspects can also be seen in the sales module of Odoo where the companies functioning in a region will have to follow certain norms and conditions based on the region. The Odoo purchase, as well as sales modules, will have distinctive configuration menus as well as options to help you to bring the localization on these aspects.

The additional aspect of the localization element of Odoo is the multi-language support of the platform helpful for multinational business organizations. You can bring in the operations of Odoo to be functional in any language and the language settings can be easily changed based on your needs. Human resource management also has to be functional based on the localization aspects of the region. The Odoo platform allows you to define the recruitment process and other HR operations as per the rules and regulations of the governing authorities of the region. The aspects such as working hours, employee's leave, paid leaves, and vacation are certain aspects that can be defined by you in Odoo. As we are clear on the localization aspect of the Odoo platform let's now move on to understand the configurable options available in the Accounting module of the Odoo platform.



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