Budget Analysis

The financial planning of a firm's business activities for a specific fiscal term or period depends heavily on the budget of the company. A company's fiscal department will establish a single budget as well as many ones based on the operational and functional requirements of the company. The Accounting module of the Odoo platform presents a functional Budget Analysis reporting menu where the reporting component of the various budgets has been configured. The Budget Analysis Report, which is accessible through the reporting tab of the Accounting module, will give a crystal-clear picture of the budgetary operations of the business.

The options for filtering and grouping by are included in all menus of the Odoo platform and can be used to arrange the entries of the Budget Analysis reports in accordance with the requirements.

These options for filtering and grouping are those that come standard, and the custom ones can be created using the noble tools. These specifically defined ones can be kept as Favorites for further use in the Depreciation Schedule reporting features filters. All budgeted operations from previous fiscal periods as well as those that are still in progress will be defined in the report. These sections can also be expanded to include the different financial components of the budget. The Budgetary position, analytical account, and Start Date, End Date, Planned Amount, Practical Amount, Theoretical Amount, and the Achievement Percentage will be defined.


By choosing it from the right-hand menu, the budget analysis report can be seen in List view, Pivot view, or Chart view depending on your needs. The Budget Analysis report's list view was shown in the earlier screenshots. The Pivot View of the Budget Analysis report is seen in the following screenshot. You can define the Measures for the aspects that have been defined for the different features of the entries to be sorted out as well as defined in the pivot view. You can add the default Measures that have been defined in both the axis of the report by using the + and - signals. With the help of this functionality, you may generate and print reports based on the operational components of the budget that you require. The reports can then be buried and easily accessed as needed.


Along with the graph view, the budget analysis reporting will provide you a thorough understanding of how the budget that has been established for your business is operating. Additionally, you will be able to sort out the needed entries of each of the reports that have been defined based on your needs using the distinct as well as precise filtering and group by options that are offered. With Odoo's unique Budget Analysis reporting management tool, you can now comprehend the numerous components of reporting in relation to budget management. Now let's move on to the section that defines the Project Margins reporting for Odoo Accounting.



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