Batch payment configuration

Your business will have numerous regular customers who are trustworthy and the ones you know in person building up the confidence to trust each other in business as well as personal aspects. These sorts of relationships can be well seen in small and medium scale businesses other than large scale and multinational organizations. One such aspect of trust can be seen in the payment where the customer will be paying for the invoices in advance as well as in total at the end of a term.

The Odoo platform includes the features of batch payments, which will enable the business to post payments in groups and benefit its smooth operation. The Odoo Accounting module's Customers tab is where you may manage the Batch payment configuration. All of the defined Batch payments will be shown to you when you choose a menu option. Additionally, there are clear options for Filtering and Group by, just like on any other menu in Odoo.

You can choose the Generate option to bring up the window seen in the following screenshot when you want to create a new batch payment.

You must first establish the Batch Type, Bank information, Payment Method, Date, and Reference of the relevant Batch payment before you may build new Batch payment configuration aspects.


You can add the invoices for the batch payment by choosing the Add a line option from a separate menu that is further used to specify the batch content. When you choose the Add a line option, a pop-up window will appear as shown in the accompanying screenshot, listing all the payments that need to be made. Depending on the batch type that has been set up for the batch payment, the Payment will be shown. If it is inbound, all of the payments that the client is expected to make to the business will be shown. If it is an outbound transaction, all of the payments that the corporation is required to make to the vendor will be shown. Additionally, the Add: Payments menu has Filters and Group By options that can be used to exclude specific payments from the Batch payment that needs to be set. Additionally, there is a Batch payment configuration option for Odoo's Vendor operations, which will be covered in more detail in the final section of this chapter.


Once every payment has been chosen to be included in the batch payment, you can confirm the action and each payment will be included in the batch. Additionally, all of the Payments in the Batch have been designated as Sent after the Batch Payments have been confirmed.


The stage will change to "Reconciled" once this batch has been reconciled. The Batch payment operations will be a useful instrument that will aid the company in giving the customer's complete payment of invoices at the end of a term or based on the customer's financial framework. Let's move on to the following section, where the Follow-Up Reports of the Odoo Accounting processes will be established, now that we are clear on the element of Batch payment configuration.



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