Development Book V17: Odoo Apps

Odoo encompasses a wide range of open-source business applications, including Sales, Services, Accounting, Inventory, Manufacturing, Website, Marketing, Human Resources, Productivity, and Customization, delivering a complete solution for all aspects of company management.




Client Relationship Management (CRM) in Odoo efficiently oversees Sales tasks, including Activity scheduling and Lead tracking, ensuring seamless and organized management of sales-related activities.

Point of Sale

The Point of Sale (POS) in Odoo provides an intelligent interface for retail businesses, functioning seamlessly even in offline mode, ensuring uninterrupted operations for your retail company.


Sales applications in Odoo offer comprehensive management of the sales department, handling tasks such as the creation of sale orders, sending sales quotations, and efficiently managing both the sales team and individual salespersons.



Odoo's Invoicing module simplifies payment processes, encompassing tasks like invoice creation, customer distribution, and payment processing, ensuring a seamless and efficient financial workflow.


The Accounting application in Odoo stands out with advanced features including batch operations, payment automation, warnings, quick reconciliation, automated synchronization, alerts, and numerous other functionalities.



Allows users to effortlessly create and design their websites using a simple drag-and-drop interface for building blocks.


The E-commerce application in Odoo enables seamless online sales operations while integrating inventory, sales, and invoices for a comprehensive and streamlined e-commerce experience.


Email Marketing

Users can easily create, send, and track emails, providing a straightforward solution for managing email campaigns and communication.

SMS Marketing

Permits for creating SMS messages and assisting with planning. It also allows for organizing and tracking campaigns.

Marketing Automation

The SMS Marketing application in Odoo facilitates the creation of SMS messages, and provides tools for organizing and tracking campaigns, offering a comprehensive solution for effective SMS marketing management.



Empowers users to efficiently initiate and oversee their projects with seamless creation and management capabilities.


Facilitates the analysis and tracking of employees' working time, offering valuable insights into productivity and resource allocation.

Field Service

Designed for executing customer field service tasks, providing the capability to plan, assign, and access these tasks with efficiency.

Help Desk

Ensures organized tracking and management of all support tickets, streamlining the customer support process effectively.

Inventory & MRP


Inventory in Odoo takes charge of warehouse management, overseeing traceability, lead times, and advanced routing such as drop-shipping and cross-docking, ensuring efficient control and optimization of inventory processes.


Empowers users to efficiently manage, schedule, plan, and process manufacturing orders, providing a comprehensive solution for streamlined production workflows.


users can effortlessly create purchase orders while efficiently managing supplier relationships, ensuring a streamlined and organized procurement process.


Using knowledge modules users can create content, say articles with a lot of information that can be used to increase the productivity of employees. Articles can be arranged with some properties to include a table of contents, images, texts, tags, links, etc can be added to arrange your article data.



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