Development Book V17: Odoo runbot

Odoo runbot serves as a testing environment for Odoo, offering different versions and editions for both enterprise and community use. It allows users to execute and test Odoo features, helping identify and resolve bugs.

Developers can check issues encountered locally on the runbot; if the problem persists, it's an Odoo bug, otherwise, it's likely a local development or module issue. This collaborative testing platform enhances transparency and contributes to the overall reliability of Odoo.

How to access Odoo runbot.

To access Odoo runbot, simply open your web browser and enter the Odoo runbot URL. Once on the runbot page, you can select the link displayed in your browser's address bar. This link will lead you to the main view of Odoo runbot, where you can explore and access the various available versions and editions of Odoo for testing and validation.



When you visit the runbot homepage, you'll notice squares highlighted in either green or red. A green square signifies an active build, indicating that the specific Odoo version or edition is currently available for testing. Conversely, a red square indicates that the build is not yet active.

Users can click on the blue button associated with the desired version. Additionally, users have the flexibility to choose between the community or enterprise edition by selecting their preferences.


Runbot offers the latest Odoo build features, allowing simultaneous use by users worldwide. Its multi-user support enables concurrent access and sharing of system data among users.

Let’s see the log file showing the Build errors by clicking the gear button of non-active branches.


Here you can connect to base and select the database. Also, there are several log files for viewing the errors.

Below is a full run logs file showing the error from non-active branches.



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